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Chinese Yixing Purple Clay Handmade Vintage Pot Zisha Fang Gu Teapot Zi Ni 240cc

by Wisdom China Zisha Tea Set
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  • Material:Zi Ni.
  • Capacity: about 240cc.
  • Wisdom China zisha fang gu teapot

Product description

Is it a clay? Is it a sandy mud? It's not clay and it's not sandy mud. It's a special kind of rock which is mostly mineral deposits found under the ground near Yixing city. Nowadays the rock after it's mined are grounded by the machine with water, then it's filtered. The paste (just like the bean paste) is then used to make the teapots and cups. This paste is called Zisha Sand,because it contains very fine sandy particles. It's all because of this special format of mineral paste that made Zisha Yixing teapot so famous and fine craftsmen's teapot are sold easily and well over 10,000 yuan in China.

Chinese Handmade Zisha Kungfu Teapot Tea Pot 180cc ZSH01 (1)

Price: $29.99 Buy Now

  • Material: Zisha
  • Use for Chinese Gongfu tea
  • It is a simple and traditional design,the longer you use, the color more bright,that is the character of zisha.

Product description

Chinese Handmade Zisha Kungfu Teapot Tea Pot Traditional Home Decoration

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Chinadaily USA

Zisha teapots exhibition held in Fuzhou 01/09/15, via Chinadaily USA

An exhibition of zisha teapots created by hundreds of Chinese masters was held at a purple clay art museum in Fuzhou city, Fujian province, on Jan 7, 2015. It features about 300 zisha teapots from Ming Dynasty to contemporary age, showing the changes

Email Zisha Teapots Lead Chinese Ceramics at Gianguan Auctions 08/30/13, via ArtfixDaily (blog)

Zisha teapots are among the most beloved of teapots for several reasons. The clay itself - indigenous to Yixing in the coastal province of Jiangsu - often has a purplish cast. Chemically, its composition is such that when it is fired at temperatures as

Zisha Teapots with National Living Treasure Zhou Gui Zhen and Zhu Jian Long



Tea and Chinese Culture

Tea and Chinese Culture

Published by LONG RIVER PRESS 2015

ISBN 1592650252,9781592650255
183 pages

An essential guide to the history, philosophy, and cultural evolution of Chinese tea. From its earliest uses as a medicinal herb to the highest refinement of tea as art and ritual, this full-color book provides a fascinating overview of the myriad forms and varieties of tea culture through the centuries. A must for all students and admirers of Chinese history, culture, and cuisine.

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Zisha teapots exhibition held in Fuzhou - Chinadaily USA

An exhibition of zisha teapots created by hundreds of Chinese masters was held at a purple clay art museum in Fuzhou city, Fujian province, on Jan 7, 2015. It features about 300 zisha teapots from Ming Dynasty to contemporary age, showing the... The Zisha teapot, which is the key point of tea culture, has been exported through Fujian port to Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asia countries since the late Qing Dynasty. Therefore, the zisha art is booming in Minnan area and many master collectors appeared there. Moreover, a series of lectures about zisha arts will be held by specialists from the Taipei Palace Museum, Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University and Zisha institutes in Fujian province in 2015.

Source: usa.chinadaily.com.cn

Bing news feed

Shen Yunlan: China's Leading Maker of Zisha Pots - 07/13/15, via 中国妇女网

Readers may not know much about zisha teapots but might have seen the famous Olympics pot, one of Shen's masterworks. This cultural product has enjoyed great popularity in the post-Olympic era. Her works have been gaining increasing recognition and ...

Exhibition highlights 300 cultural items in Beijing(1/6) - 05/25/15, via ECNS

The exhibition showcases more than 300 items, including jade carving, Zisha teapot, painting and calligraphy, ceramic and rosewood furniture. According to the organizer, highlights of this exhibition such as the Zisha Guanyin Statue by Xu Xiutang and the ...

Zisha teapots carry a Vietnamese soul too - 05/17/15, via Vietnamnet

VietNamNet Bridge – An ancient Chinese tradition with an ardent Vietnamese following, particularly among royalty and mandarins, is now drawing the interest of people from other walks of life. Do Quang Tuan Hoang reports. A cupful: Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, a ...


  1. Yixing Teapot Web Shop, yi xing teapot, clay teapot, zisha ... Authentic yixing zisha clay teapot for all tea. We based in Yixing, mainly provide: traditional style, practical function, cost effective Yixing teapot.
  2. Yixing clay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Yixing clay (simplified Chinese ... A yixing zisha teapot - "Melon", ... Processing of raw zisha yixing clay involves removing the clay from the underlying strata, ...
  3. Tao of YeYoung Tea: Zisha Teapot Yixing clay only indicates the clay that is made into ceramic wares and is from Yixing. Zisha clay is one kind ... It is easy to tell a Zisha teapot was cast or ...
Grey Zisha-03
Grey Zisha-03
Photo by SOLO-ASSA on Flickr
grey Zisha
grey Zisha
Photo by SOLO-ASSA on Flickr
Green_Yixing Zisha-1
Green_Yixing Zisha-1
Photo by SOLO-ASSA on Flickr
Zisha Teapot China - traditional design
Zisha Teapot China - traditional design
Yixing Zisha Teapot
Yixing Zisha Teapot
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