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Vanika Stainless Steel Tea Kettle; Whistling Teapot Design; Large 3.0L (3.2 Quart)

by Vanika
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  • WHISTLES WHEN IT'S READY! The classic "whistling kettle" design will delight you as it reminds you of old-fashioned times, before digital alarm clocks and timers!
  • HEAT-RESISTANT HANDLE PREVENTS BURNS! Special "Safety-Silicone" handle means no more burned hands! Protects your fingers and the thumb lever from heat build-up!

Product description

When you want the world's BEST best-looking, best-performing and best guarantee? You want THIS stainless steel whistling tea kettle!

This teapot is really something special. The stunning mirror stainless steel finish is simply dazzling. It's the first thing your friends and guests will notice when they walk in your kitchen. You'll be proud to display it on your stove top, glistening in the light!

But don't let the good looks deceive you. This is not just a "pretty" kettle that's there "just for looks". Not at all. This is the most functional and convenient whistling kettle you'll ever find on the market.

It boasts top-quality construction made in one of the finest factories. Everything from the stamped stainless steel to the welds and the quality of the "Safety Silicon" handle just says quality. The handle won't burn you.

Every day you'll look forward to boiling your water in this whistling tea kettle. The classic whistling comes from the steam pressure going up through the whistle and this one has a special tone that's unlike any other you've heard. You'll actually delight when you hear it! It will even take you back in time, if you're old enough to appreciate the good things of days gone by.

Plus, it works on ALL kitchen cooktops; electric, gas, ceramic and even works with most induction stove tops!

You'll also appreciate that this excellent kettle comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction. If you're ever dissatisfied with it, return it and get a refund of your purchase price for up to a year! The manufacturer's warranty against defects is for the lifetime of the kettle, too!

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Length: 9 inches
Width: 10 inches (total width of side profile including spout)
Height: 9 inches
Weight: 1.8 lbs

¿Quieres mejor rendimiento y mejor garantía del mundo ? ¿Quieres esto acero inoxidable caldera que silba té!

Vremi Whistling Tea Kettle for Stovetop - 2 Quart Tea Pot Stainless Steel Tea Kettle for Electric or Gas Stove Top - Cool Cute Modern Tea Kettle Teapot Hot Water Whistle - Small Retro Metal Tea Kettle

by Vremi
Price: $34.99 Buy Now

  • WHISTLE WHILE YOU HEAT - 2 quart whistling tea kettle for stovetop features musical steam whistle when water reaches boil
  • PERSONAL SIZE - The perfect small tea kettle for tea time with yourself or a friend
  • QUALITY MATERIALS - Premium food grade brushed stainless steel tea kettle body and heat resistant nylon teapot handle (hand washing recommended)

Product description

Mind your Teas and Thank You's with Vremi's contemporary Pinkies Up Whistling Tea Kettle in brushed stainless steel. Its 2 quart capacity is generous enough for a medium to large tea infuser or coffee press, and its modern dome shape and matte silver color add a decorative touch to every kitchen stove top. For a morning cup of English Breakfast, a mid afternoon Green Tea pick-me-up, or an evening mug of Chamomile, look no further than our musical Whistling Tea Kettle. Pinkies Up Tea Kettle Details & Care 2 quart capacity for up to 8 cups of tea or hot beverage Quickly heats water for loose tea or tea bags in minutes Steam whistle sounds off when water reaches boil Heat resistant nylon handle Finger grip opens pour spout instantly Airtight lid keeps water warm Premium food grade stainless steel body and lid Works on gas induction or electric stovetops Medium high heat recommended for gas stove Do not put tea kettle or tea pot lid in dishwasher Hand wash teapot with warm water and gentle soap to clean

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Huffington Post

28 Chinese Cavort Amid the Treasures of the Asian Art Museum 07/07/15, via Huffington Post

Horning in on a cluster of delicate teapots and vessels from the Qing dynasty are two of Ai's sculptural works. A Ton of Tea compresses and configures a ton of Pu'er tea leaves into a massive, dark cube that . Breezes whistling through the rotunda

'The Map of Chaos,' by Felix J. Palma 06/29/15, via Washington Post

Also on hand is Wells's former nemesis, the millionaire Gilliam Murray, whom fans will remember from “The Map of Time” and “The Map of the Sky.” A border collie named Newton, whistling teapots and aniseed-flavored Kemp's biscuits also have key roles to 

Smog - Whistling Teapot (Rag)



Smiles and Cries

Smiles and Cries

Published by iUniverse 2004

ISBN 9780595320349,0595320341
112 pages

Other Published Books "ALOHA" Fat Man Says Poems Says Poems "ALOHA" Hong Kong Nights "ALOHA" Philosophy One-O-None "ALOHA" Fat Man Says Collection "ALOHA" Another World Picture Color Poetry Books "ALOHA" Open The Door Poems "ALOHA" Silk And Lace by LeRoy Robert AllenPoems written by an author who rose from poverty to "Penthouses in the Sky," Macadamia Nut farm and Banana plantation with a beautiful country home and a playful beach house in Hawaii.Romances and heartaches from the Far East to Honolulu, finally, in the Flat Iron Ranch in North Texas he found love and happiness and the desire to share life's found feelings and thoughts. He lived playing the "boy/girl" Game of Tug-A-War.These poems were written by an author who walked his talk and now is sharing those experiences with you.

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Source: The Unravelling Of Al Cook...
CharityUSA.com LLC
Musical Tea Set


Tea, cupcakes, and music! Have a fun two-person pretend tea party with the Musical Tea Set from BATTAT & reg. Pull up the top of teapot and hear the water boil, push it back down and hear it whistle. Then, press the middle of each flower to hear a different melody in this pretty-in-pink floral set. Meets & exceeds U.S. & Canadian safety standards BPA- & phthalate-free Material: plastic Contents: 1 teapot with sounds, 2 teacups, 2 saucers, 2 spoons & 2 cupcakes Requires 2 AAA (1.5V) batteries (included) Do not use as real kitchenware 10" x 5.25" x 7" (25.4 x 13.3 x 17.8 cm) Imported Ages 3 & up WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


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Disney Princess Royal Kingdom Kitchen and Cafe


Get ready to cook in a kitchen fit for a Disney Princess! Girls will love the castle-shaped Royal Kingdom Kitchen and CafÃÃ(C) with its gold details, gem shaped knobs and buttons, as well as realistic cooking sounds! Not only does this magical kitchen look like a Disney Princess castle, it's also double sided! Little girls can pretend to cook up magical treats in the kitchen, then display them in the cafe! The kitchen comes equipped with fun electronic features, such as ice and water dispensing sounds in the fridge, bacon sizzling and teapot whistling sounds, shutters that greet you when opened and more! Comes with a gold frying pan, teapot and teacup! The Disney Princess Royal Kingdom Kitchen and Cafe Features: There will be a surcharge of US$350 when the order volume is less than 10CBM per factory per shipmen Not only does this magical kitchen look like a Disney Princess castle, it's also double sided! Disney Princess Royal Kingdom Kitchen and Cafe The kitchen comes equipped with fun electronic features, such as ice and water dispensing sounds in the fridge, bacon sizzling and teapot whistling sounds, shutters that greet you when opened and more! Comes with a gold frying pan, teapot and teacup! Bring your child's favorite characters to life with Disney Princess toys & games, dress up and pretend, riding toys, bikes, playsets, collectibles and more! You can find everything Disney Princess here!


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Epoca International recalls glass whistling kettle - 07/10/15, via Consumer Affairs

Epoca International of Boca Raton, Fla., is recalling about 113,000 glass whistling kettles. The bottom portion of glass vessel can break when heated and the contents can spill, posing laceration and burn hazards. The firm has received 9 reports of ...

Epoca International Recalls Glass Whistling Kettle Due to Laceration and Burn Hazard - 07/10/15, via eNews Park Forest

Hazard: The bottom portion of glass vessel can break when heated and the contents can spill, posing laceration and burn hazards. Consumer Contact: Epoca International at (800) 241-7940 anytime or online at www.epoca.com and click on “recalls” in the ...

Face Fracturing Slingshot Among 5 Design Fails This Week - 07/10/15, via Product Design & Development

Epoca International is recalling its glass whistling kettle due to a laceration and burn hazard. When heated, the glass on the bottom portion of the kettle can and the contents can spill. The company has received nine incident reports, including three ...


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My New Fabulous Wistleling Kettle (1)
My New Fabulous Wistleling Kettle (1)
Photo by YaelBeeri on Flickr
Whistling Kettle! #tea #kitchenaid #rouge #kitchen
Whistling Kettle! #tea #kitchenaid #rouge #kitchen
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Photo by somecanuckchick on Flickr
Looking for something bright and shiny to brighten my day - amazing how the ordinary can become extraordinary...With depressing (and frankly, scary) news coming out on a daily basis, it is no wonder that the tea kettle's whistle is being/has been ignored. Facing reality and 'confronting the brutal facts' (Collins, 2001) is not only difficult, but requisite - sometimes, it cannot be softened. But like jumping into the cold lake, dealing with the shock of change helps one move from awareness to problem-solving quickly! Naples, FL Collins, Jim (2001) Good to great: Why some companies make the leap...and others don't, NY: HarperCollins Publications
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Whistling Buddha Yixing Teapot
Whistling Buddha Yixing Teapot
Image by ebay.co.uk
Whistling Teapot Dress Tunic.
Whistling Teapot Dress Tunic.
Image by pinterest.com
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