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Tuscany Grape wine Decor TEA POT & CUP For One / Me

by ACK
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  • Small Canister : 5-1/4"W X 7-1/2"H, 28 ounces
  • Large Canister : 6"W X 8-1/2"H, 48 Ounces
  • XLarge Canister :6"H X 9-1/2"H, 66 Ounces

Product description

Small Canister : 5-1/4"W X 7-1/2"H, 28 ounces Medium Canister : 5-3/4"W x 8-1/8"H, 40 ounces Large Canister : 6"W X 8-1/2"H, 48 Ounces XLarge Canister :6"H X 9-1/2"H, 66 Ounces

Janazala Tea for One With Ceramic Tea Cup and Teapot Infuser For Loose Tea, Anniversary Gift, Single Tea Set, Birthday Present for Mom or Dad, Tea Mug infuser, Porcelain, White/Black

by GZ
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  • High quality tea infuser mug, made of Ding Ware porcelain, lead and cadmium free ceramic! Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe (without the infuser and lid that are detachable).
  • Stainless steel infuser basket to make your favorite loose-leaf tea. Can be poped out to steep a tea bag.
  • All-in-one tea cup design - Brewing and serving a single cup of tea is quick and fun with this beautiful ceramic tea infuser teapot and mug.

Product description

Classic Ceramic Tea for One Infuser Teapot
This classic single-serving set design brings tea for one infuser teapot to a new level.
Take a tea break to the next level with this classic ceramic tea infuser teapot.
The removable stainless steel infuser lets your tea full expand and breathe and release its best flavors.
Fill it with a 1-2 spoons of your favorite tea, steep your tea and sip it from a the teapot to the tea mug for the perfect cup every time.

What's inside:

Teapot 15.5 oz (460 ml).
Tea cup 9 oz (260 ml).
Stainless steel tea strainer
Bamboo coaster.
Porcelain spoon.
Gifting box.

Great for gifting:

Girlfriend or boyfriend.
Grandma and Grandpa.
Anyone that loves tea.
And of course to yourself...

By Janazala

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The Press

Teapot racing comes to Christchurch at steampunk festival 07/07/15, via The Press

The drivers have to guide their vehicles around an obstacle course including China cups – which must not be knocked down – and over a curved ramp and over a jump ramp known as the chasm of chaos. The teapot-vehicles negotiate the course one at a 

Salt Lake City Weekly

Modern Booze 07/16/15, via Salt Lake City Weekly

The space also houses Stippich's handmade furniture collection, including a wooden credenza with acrylic fronts from local company 3 Form, groovy sound-blocking walls, trippy plastic lighting fixtures and one-of-a-kind wine racks, shelves and tables

I'm A Little Teapot | Nursery Rhymes | Popular Nursery Rhymes | HooplaKidz


Check out our Wheels on the Bus Song http://vid. io/xqXs To watch all popular nursery rhymes, click here http://bit.


Material Delight and the Joy of Living

Material Delight and the Joy of Living

Published by Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. 2015

ISBN 0754658422,9780754658429
273 pages

Eighteenth-century Europe witnessed a commercialisation of culture as the marketing of culture became separated from its production and new cultural entrepreneurs entered the stage. Cultural consumption also played a substantial role in creating social identity. In this book, Michael North systematically explores this field for the first time in regard to the European Continent, and especially to eighteenth-century Germany. Chapters focus on the new forms of entertainment - concerts, theatre, opera, reading societies and traveling - on the one hand and on the new material culture - fashion, gardens, country houses and furniture - on the other.

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Teapot racing comes to Christchurch at steampunk festival - The Press

The oddity of teapot racing will come to Christchurch for the first time at a one-day steampunk festival. The racing will take place during a market on Saturday, July 11, where the quirky trappings that mark steampunks will be on display. "Teapot racing is just one of the distinctive activities that make steampunk unique – and fun," event organiser Neave R Willoughby said. He will be guiding one of the radio-controlled racers through a difficult obstacle course. The event began last year at the Oamaru Steampunk Festival and was so popular that it has been repeated at this year's festival and in other centres. Racers modify radio-controlled cars, replacing the bodywork with tea-related paraphernalia such as teapots, cups, or even one miniature tea-service atop a model German tank at Oamaru this year. The drivers have to guide their vehicles around an obstacle course including China cups – which must not be knocked down – and over a curved ramp and over a jump ramp known as the chasm of chaos. The teapot-vehicles negotiate the course one at a time, against the clock. "Steampunks as a group are not much concerned with practising for events like this and honing their skills, so our experience is that pretty much anything can happen," said Willoughby. The event will take place at the St Albans-Shirley Club in Hills Road, from 1pm to about 2. 30pm, while a market is going on there in the Matheson room. Stalls selling steampunk wares will be open in that room from 11am to 4pm, selling a wide range clothing, jewellery, hats, goggles, and decorations. "Steampunk Christchurch has a growing following on Facebook and at the events we arrange. Those attending are likely to encounter costumed steampunks, mainly in Victoria garb and equipped as scientists, explorers, adventurers, airship crew, time travellers, or vampire hunters. "It's all about having fun with how the Victorians saw the future, and celebrating creativity," Willoughby said. "We hope people will come along and soak up the quirkiness of it all and cheer on the teapots. After the daytime events, steampunks will gather at historic Avebury House in Evelyn Couzins Ave, Richmond, for a Splendid Steampunk Sirculating Soiree, which will have a range of events, including music, a Victorian dancing demonstration, and...

Source: www.stuff.co.nz
The New York Times Company Store
Fluttering Leaf Teapot and Cups With Phoenix Oolong Tea Set


Blue and white porcelain is arguably China's most well-known, easily recognized, and popular design. Tranquil Tuesdays Blue and White Fluttering Leaf Collection re-imagines this distinctly Chinese and iconic pattern with a contemporary, chic touch. The Tranquil Tuesdays Fluttering Leaf set with Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong Tea is exclusive to The New York Times Store and arrives in a Tranquil Tuesdays for The New York Times wooden gift box. A delightful gift for any occasion that is sure to impress. Brewing Guidelines: Enjoy 1.5 tablespoons of Tranquil Tuesdays Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong tea with one cup (about 8oz or 250mL) of filtered or spring water at 100 C/ 212 F. They recommend a quick tea rinse to awaken and open the tealeaves: pour the water over the tea, wait five to ten seconds, then dispose of the water. Next, steep the tea for up to fifteen seconds, lengthening the steeping time with each subsequent infusion. Take care as oolong teas can quickly become astringent from over-steeping. Experiment and adjust according to your own preferences and taste. Tranquil Tuesdays partners with artists in Chinas ancient porcelain capital, Jingdezhen, to design and craft their unique and beautiful teaware pieces. To source their premium teas, they travel throughout rural China to search for the most delicious teas from small family-owned farms. They work directly with the families who grow, pick, and handcraft their teas, and they visit often to be able to source in small, fresh batches. Additionally, Tranquil Tuesdays is committed to the importance of provenance. Honoring the traditions of high quality tea craftsmanship, each of their teas comes from its region of historical growing origin linked to its distinctive flavor, or terroir. Tranquil Tuesdays is committed to showcasing unblended and unscented teas, allowing you the chance to discover the rich and exciting taste of a teas natural harvest. As this item is on sale, no further discounts or coupon codes apply.


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Allen Designs Steamin Tea Teapot Pendulum Wall Clock

Home & Outdoor

This whimsical teapot pendulum clock is called Steamin Tea and is by Allen Designs. Made of cast resin, this clock features a black, red, cream, metallic cold and white enamel finish, and has a cup and saucer swinging back and forth at the bottom of the pendulum. The clock is hand-painted and coated in polyurethane to keep the colors bright and give it a glossy look. It measures 20 inches high, including the pendulum, and is 13 1/2 inches wide. Its a must-have for tea lovers. For residents of California - California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and/or other reproductive harm. This notice is being provided in accordance with California's Proposition 65. Read more about Prop 65 on the State of California Prop 65 website.


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Kayaking on the Chicago River and three more tours of the Windy City - 07/17/15, via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

One difference between this tour and other architectural ... Instead you should serve others and then wait for someone else at the table to pour your cup. Empty teapot? Turn the lid upside down or lean it on the top to signal to servers that you need ...

Step aside, barista: how to make a decent cup of coffee at home - 07/14/15, via theguardian.com

We are making two cups, and as it’s 15-18g of beans for one cup of coffee (one cup being 250 ml), I weigh ... Before we go any further we preheat the plunger, just as you would warm a teapot in anticipation of a good brew, with a pour of hot water.

Pleasures of the Literary Meal - 07/15/15, via The New Yorker

One of the rudest things you can do ... The Edwardian writer George Gissing, likewise, allows us to join him in his study with his teapot: “What solace in the first cup, what deliberate sipping of that which follows!” The pleasure of reading about ...


  1. The Best Teapots for One with Cups If you are searching for the best teapots for ones with cups online, look no further as this web page is the best place for you.
  2. Buy Tea for One, Teapot and Cup and Saucer Combined online ... Our Tea-for-One sets incorporate a teapot together with ... addition of little teapots and hot steaming cups ... 4l teapot makes 2 cups of tea A really ...
  3. Teapots, Breakfast Cups & Saucers and Teacups & Saucers ... Teapots, Breakfast Cups & Saucers and Teacups & Saucers MADE IN ENGLAND . Large. 1.2L. Small. 0.75L. T ... Tea for One Cup and Saucer NEW Starburst Breakfast Cup and ...
decaled and onglazed teapot and cup
decaled and onglazed teapot and cup
Putting this in to the RUDA charity auction, at One solution on the 28th of October. skydrive.live.com/view.aspx/Ruda%20August%20Newsletter%20...
Photo by extra-minty on Flickr
Blue Earth Teapot, Teapieces by Leroy Von Glan, Nordstrand Visual Arts Gallery, WSC
Blue Earth Teapot, Teapieces by Leroy Von Glan, Nordstrand Visual Arts Gallery, WSC
Artist Statement The teapot – in the historical procession of all ceramic vessels – has had a very short time of existence. Tea head been brewed for several thousand years in large cauldrons or individually by the cup, but it wasn’t until the 1500s in the vicinity of Yixing, China that the first evidence of teapots were made (by Buddhiist monks, no less). Even at the onset, teapot design wasn’t taken seriously. The earliest examples had a trompe l’oeil feel to them; looking like a melon, a wood stump, a bundle of bamboo or tied-up sack. The legacy of the teapot was not to be just a beverage brewer, but also have a sculptural and presentational presence while doing it. The present-day teapot has evolved into a ceramic artist’s subject, very similar to what a landscape or a portrait is to a painter. The function must be recognized for the form’s aesthetic to be revealed. I treat the creation of a teapot as a design project; a form-follows-function invention with self-imposed...
Photo by ali eminov on Flickr
tea for one
tea for one
new teapot (finally found one which we like - but only makes enough for one, see the cup underneath?)
Photo by webponce on Flickr
love Teapots for One
love Teapots for One
Image by pinterest.com
Garden Birds Tea For One Teapot with Classic Cup & Saucer in Fine Bone ...
Garden Birds Tea For One Teapot with Classic Cup & Saucer in Fine Bone ...
Amazon.com: Tea set or tea for one teapots with butterfly designs ...
Amazon.com: Tea set or tea for one teapots with butterfly designs ...
Image by pinterest.com

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