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Botanical Porcelain Duo Teapot, Teacup and Saucer Set

by Burton & Burton
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  • Teapot measures:5 1/2" high and holds 15 oz
  • Teacup holds 13 oz
  • Teapot and Teacup for one

Product description

What an adorable gift for someone special or as a gift to yourself. Please note that every teapot is unique in it's design and may not look exactly as pictured, but will have it's own design with flowers and insects such as butterflies, dragonflies and bees.

Porcelain Rose Teapot and Teacup For One

by Burton & Burton
Price: $22.99 Buy Now

  • FDA approved.
  • Hand wash only .
  • Made of porcelain.

Product description

Lovely gift idea for the tea drinker in your life. Consider this for Mothers Day or a birthday gift.

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Dallas Observer

You Can Fit an Ocean's Worth of Seafood into Your Budget at Kazy's Gourmet 08/05/15, via Dallas Observer

It was prepared to perfection and came lightly drizzled in some of the better eel sauce we've had in Dallas. Michelle also got a 70-cent green tea, which was a tea bag in a Styrofoam cup. If you want tea in a fancy Japanese tea set, you'll have to buy


The Centaur of the Galaxy 08/03/15, via KRCC

Their gravity is so strong that not even light can escape their surface. Hence, they're a “Black Hole”. Be glad it's so far away. So pour yourself a cup of tea, and head outside to see the biggest teapot in the night sky. If you'd like to take a closer

I'm A Little Teapot | Nursery Rhymes by HooplaKidz


io/xqXs To watch all popular nursery rhymes, click here http://bit. ly/HooplaKidzNurseryRhymes Watch this.


Glass Painting for the First Time

Glass Painting for the First Time

Published by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. 2015

ISBN 1402708866,9781402708862
112 pages

“To every crafts question, there is at least one answer, which is how crafter Sorensen approaches novices’ queries....Most of the 35 projects are fairly simple...such as a funky tea set coordinating different types of white ware through colorful stripes, dots, and circles. In contrast, the five artisans featured at the end reveal very upscale handicrafts, ready for purchase in any urban gift shop.”—Booklist.

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You Can Fit an Ocean's Worth of Seafood into Your Budget at Kazy's Gourmet - Dallas Observer

The Atmosphere: Truth in advertising: Kazy’s Gourmet is primarily a shop. There’s a kitchen counter and a handful of tables, but they’re surrounded by shelves stocked with tea kettles, rice cookers, wasabi, noodles, tea and colorful dinner plates. Need to get some chopsticks for your home collection. Four pairs, ornately painted and in their own wooden storage box, can be yours for all of $5. But on this trip, our main interest is the kitchen on the left side of the store. The menu offers everything you want in a Japanese lunch: sushi, nigiri, donburi (rice bowls), noodle bowls, gyoza, seaweed salad, squid salad and bento boxes. At a whopping $5. 99, ramen is the most expensive item at Kazy’s. A chicken teriyaki rice bowl costs less than one Torchy’s taco. The 13-piece Dallas sushi combo is $9. For the cost of a dinner for two at Tei-An, you can order literally every single thing at Kazy’s. Things can get pretty slow in the kitchen if more than a table or two are waiting for their food. What We Ordered: Since it was so damn cheap, we happily ordered a small ocean’s worth of fish for lunch. Our choices included seaweed salad, the Ladybird sushi roll (yellowtail and green onion), the nigiri combo and a bowl of ramen. Not a strand of the refreshing seaweed salad survived our dueling chopstick war over the last bite. The charming Ladybird roll satisfied the green onion lovers in us, and our inner cheapskates too, at $2. 95. Strangely, for a wholesale sushi shop, the sashimi was somewhat disappointing. The ahi, yellowtail and salmon were all thin-cut and bland. Kazy’s stepped up its game with the eel, however. Michelle also got a 70-cent green tea, which was a tea bag in a Styrofoam cup. If you want tea in a fancy Japanese tea set, you’ll have to buy a teapot at Kazy’s and brew your own at home. The Ramen: The ramen is a milky color, has a creamy texture, and comes loaded with bean sprouts. There’s thin slices of something — we assume pork — bobbing underneath the surface. It’s sliced super thin, like the beef in pho, and it’s rather chewy. The broth itself is initially rich and a bit earthy, but after getting through half the bowl between the two of us, we’ve had enough. (This might be because we ordered a ton of food. ) The noodles follow the same trend as the broth: the kind of “fine” you tell people when something is neither outstanding nor overwhelmingly disappointing. We’d definitely go back and try the udon and rice bowls, and we'll be re-ordering the sushi rolls and seaweed salad, but the ramen probably won’t be on our table again. Recommended If: You want good cheap eats and don’t mind risking a wait, or you need to buy some chopsticks for the super cool Japanese dinner party that you promise to invite us to. Kazy’s Gourmet Shop, 9256 Markville Drive, 972-235-4831. Ramen...

Source: www.dallasobserver.com
Primula Ptw2340dst Glass Teapot With Stainless Steel Infuser

Home & Outdoor

Description:? #9; #9; #9;Teas of the World Tea SetMODEL#PTW2340DSTProduct Description: Teas of the World Tea Set includes a Tempo Round 40 oz. Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser, 2 Herbal Infusion Tea Packs, 6 Rose amp; Black Tea Packs, 6 Green Tea Packs, 2 Flowering Teas in a Keepsake Bag. #9; #9; #9;UPC Code: 741393229127


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Farberware Classic Cookware - 2.5 quart Teapot, Lid - Stainless Steel - Dishwasher Safe

Home & Outdoor

The classic, trusted quality of Farberware pairs nicely with this durable stainless steel teakettle. It provides timeless beauty when accessorizing your kitchen. Gelatin, hot chocolate, or a cup of soup - the uses for a teakettle don't stop at tea.


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US President Barack Obama urges Africa to end corruption - 08/06/15, via gosporttimes.com

He said Mr Litvinenko had "flopped down" at their table before grabbing a teapot and pouring himself some tea. "He gulped down two cups and then had a coughing fit. 07 August 2015 State seeks to end rights of prisoner seeking abortion State seeks to end ...

A tea snob's guide to the world’s finest tea sets - 08/05/15, via Daily Life

For those of us who take our tea seriously, a daily cup of loose leaf is one of life's greatest pleasures. And the tea pot that brews it? Well, with the calm and comfort it provides, it should probably be one of your most beautiful and prized possessions.

Traditional tea sales are falling, new research suggests - 08/05/15, via Irish News

Trouble is brewing for the traditional cup of tea as research shows sales have dropped by 6% in the last five years. The infamous Fr Ted housekeeper and her constant entreaty of 'ah go on, go on' armed with a teapot and cozy seems to be waning as research ...


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Tea Set
Tea Set
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Burgundy Teapot with Cup
Burgundy Teapot with Cup
Single teapot with one cup isolated on white.
Single teapot with one cup isolated on white.
Teapot with Cup - and Sybil's Teapot
Teapot with Cup - and Sybil's Teapot
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