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Octagiri Ceramic Momma Pig Tea Pot.

Octagiri  Ceramic Momma Pig Tea Pot.

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Peppa Pig Tea Time Role Play

by Jazwares - Import
List price: $17.99 Price: $17.99 Buy Now

  • Includes 2 x teacups, 2 x saucers, 2 x teaspoons, 2 x cupcakes, teapot, Teddy and Mr Dinosaur
  • Press the knob on Peppa's teapot for fun phrases, or tip over to hear pouring sounds
  • Peppa Pig's Tea Party is for Ages 2+

Product description

It’s time for tea with Peppa’s teddy, and George’s dinosaur. In this 11-piece set, Peppa has prepared a full afternoon tea for you to enjoy, with plush Mr Dinosaur and Teddy, cupcakes, teacups, saucers, and spoons. Press the knob on the teapot to hear different phrases, including “Would you like a cup of tea?”, “Yes please”, and “There’s a cup for everyone!”, as well as cute tea-making sounds!

Bits and Pieces - Adorable "Little Piggy" Ceramic Pig Teapot - 16 ounce Animal Tea pot Kitchen Décor

by Melville Direct
Price: $16.98 Buy Now

  • Teapot holds 16 ounces.
  • 4 1/2 inches high, teapot is 8 inches from spout to handle and bowl is 4 inches round.
  • Brew your favorite tea in this adorable pig teapot sporting a smart blue checked kerchief!

Product description

Brew your favorite tea in this adorable pig teapot sporting a smart blue checked kerchief! 4-1/2" high, teapot is 8" from spout to handle. Bowl is 4" round. Holds 16 ounces. Hand wash. Ceramic.

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RUSSELL HIVELY: Blue moon pies once a blue moon? 08/21/15, via Neosho Daily News

A teacup pig is so small that, when born, it will fit into a teacup. Even some of the Hollywood stars have taken teacup pigs as pets. I think Paris Hilton has a teacup hog. Someone who does not respect her said, “That is an example of a pig owning a pig!”.


“Teacup” pigs getting abandoned across America 07/23/15, via WJHL

The crunch has led many sanctuaries to limit how many pigs they will accept or stop taking them completely. The craze for tiny pet pigs started decades ago and gets reignited every few years. Online sellers offer teacup pigs for thousands of dollars

"Cute Mini Pigs Compilation" || CFS


Cute Mini Pigs Compilation It's time for this cute little piggies to take over the internet. Just look how excited and playfull they are. Rate, Share.


Wild Boars and Teacup Pigs

Wild Boars and Teacup Pigs

Published by The Rosen Publishing Group 2013

ISBN 9781477761007,1477761004
32 pages

They may both be pigs, but the lives of wild boars and teacup pigs are drastically different. One roams the forests, while the other lounges around the house. Young readers will be introduced to the basics of life science as they learn to compare and contrast with their new porcine friends.

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“Teacup” pigs getting abandoned across America - WJHL

LOS ANGELES — Eva Monroy bought a mini pig for her family and fed it what the breeder instructed: a half-cup of food in the morning and a half-cup at night. The breeder promised the diet would keep him a mere 12 inches tall. But when Hammond grew to 20 inches and 180 pounds, “my husband couldn’t handle it any more. ‘Either the pig goes or I go,'” Monroy, of El Monte, California, says he told her. So she took the animal to Lil’ Orphan Hammies, a rescue about 130 miles northwest of Los Angeles. It’s a common story playing out nationwide, leaving thousands of pet pigs homeless and rescues packed. The crunch has led many sanctuaries to limit how many pigs they will accept or stop taking them completely. The craze for tiny pet pigs started decades ago and gets reignited every few years. Online sellers offer teacup pigs for thousands of dollars, promising the animals will stop growing after age 1 and stay small if fed a restricted diet. But the tiny pigs keep growing until age 4 and will starve if they aren’t fed properly with potbellied-pig food or a blend of vegetables, animal groups say. Once they grow too big to handle, people give them up. “There are not enough homes out there anymore. These pigs are in big trouble,” said Sue Parkinson of Lil’ Orphan Hammies in Solvang, which took in Monroy’s porker and others no one else would. Parkinson, who has saved 1,000 pigs since founding the rescue 23 years ago, says she gets 20 calls a day from people trying to get rid of their pigs. Same goes for Nancy Koontz and her husband at Grazin’ Pig Acres in Ramona, 40 miles northeast of San Diego. “We absolutely fell in love with the potbellied pig. Anna Key, vice president of the North American Potbellied Pig Association, estimated that 90 percent of pigs adopted in the U. S. are later taken to a rescue or sanctuary. Complicating things is their care: Some veterinarians won’t treat them because they consider them farm animals. Many cities and counties do not allow pigs on property not zoned for livestock, but that doesn’t stop many pet owners. As pets, people get potbellied pigs, which are a fraction the size of commercial pigs. They typically weigh between 100 pounds and 120 pounds, while farm pigs bred for slaughter often weigh 1,000 to 1,200 pounds. Breeders say pet pigs can stay tiny because they’re learning to eat less, but rescues say they’re emaciated and losing muscle mass. “I have never seen a full-grown, healthy, 35-pound pig live to maturity,” said Susan Magidson, owner of Ross Mill Farm in Jamison, Pennsylvania, north of Philadelphia. It’s one of busiest rescues in the country, with 250 pigs and services such as grooming, massage and acupuncture. Breeder Patty Morrisroe of Dallas, Oregon, says her smallest pigs weigh 15 to 50 pounds for life by eating specially made feed. She says that her pigs stop growing after one year but that feeding them potbellied-pig food and letting them nibble on grass fattens them up. “Regular potbellied pig chow is not compatible with this extremely small breed,” she said of the food... When pigs grow larger than expected, it can lead to heartrending decisions. Holly Jasma ordered a piglet costing $2,500 from a breeder who promised it would stay small. She had to give it to a rescue when it grew to 150 pounds.

Source: wjhl.com
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Cute Whistling Pig Metal Teapot - Enamel Finish - 2 Quart Kettle

Home & Outdoor

When this fella goes to market, he's likely to whistle a happy tune and have tea on his shopping list. Our portly Pig Teakettle has a durable enamel finish and a non-slip, heat-resistant comfort grip. Holds 2 quarts. Hand wash.


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How Quirky is Berkeley? The Hamm-sty on McGee - 08/21/15, via Berkeley Side

Rusty pigs and ceramic pigs. A little farm scene behind a fence with a miniature windmill. You don’t see them all at first. Keep looking. Pigs everywhere. Dianne Hamm has lived in Berkeley her entire life, 60 years of which she has spent collecting pig ...

A miniature horse provides Weston owner maximum enjoyment - 08/21/15, via Weston Forum

Miniature horses have a lengthy 35-year life span ... She emigrated from Cuba at the age of 12, right after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. Alone and speaking nothing but her native tongue, Segerdahl was forced to create a life for herself in Florida ...

"Wilbur" May Soon Be Up For Adoption - 08/21/15, via South County Times

08/21/2015 - One of a pair of similar-looking miniature pigs — black on each end, white in the middle — was captured Aug. 5 by St. Louis County Animal Control. The two pigs, on the lam since first spotted in Fenton on July 30, created a bit of a ruckus ...


  1. Miniature pig - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Miniature pigs, also known as micro pigs, pocket pigs, and or teacup pigs, have seen an increase in popularity in being kept as pets, ...
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  3. Teacup Piglets| Teacup pigs | Micro pigs|Tea Cup Pigs|Mini ... We have some of the smallest Teacup pigs in world! We do not broker out our piglets like some of the other guys!
#4749 piggy banks
#4749 piggy banks
Photo by Nemo's great uncle on Flickr
Tea For Two.
Tea For Two.
Lemongrass tea ... lush !
Photo by meg_nicol on Flickr
My Other Only Friends
My Other Only Friends
These were originally on a cell phone charm I got in Chinatown.
Photo by aloha orangeneko on Flickr
Teapot pigs:
Teapot pigs:
Image by vayzo.com
Teapot pigs:
Teapot pigs:
Image by vayzo.com
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Posted by Tonye at 4:47 AM