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Olivia Porcelain Tea Set

by Schylling
Price: $36.00 Buy Now

  • Includes teapot, cups, saucers, plates, sugar bowl and creamer
  • 13 piece porcelain tea set
  • Conforms to US FDA Compliance Policies

Product description

13 piece set includes: 1 tea pot with lid, 1 sugar bowl with lid, 1 creamer, 4 plates & 4 cups. Cups measure 1.125" tall.

KIMICARE Smile Shape Kitchen Timer Mechanical Drive Count-down Kitchen Timer, 60-Minute Practical Kitchen Timer, Outdoor Cooking Timer Loud Alarm Timer, Yellow

by Kimicare
Price: $9.99 Buy Now

  • Mechanical, no need for batteries.
  • When you are extremely busy in the kitchen, this Timer will remind you at any time,No longer have to worry about boiled water dried up and dishes burnt.
  • Please turn it clockwise to 60 mins first, then counter-clockwise to the minute you want! Otherwise, it won't alarm.

Product description

This cute and practical count-down cute shape timer is the perfect accessory for any kitchen chef whether you are at home or work.

Turn counter-clockwise to the number of minute you required. Then bell will ring when all the minutes have elapsed.
When you are cooking, you would not miss the right time. You can set up the right time according to the time of your cooking food, such as 30 minutes for the soup, 10 minutes for the steamed egg, 3 minutes for milk and so on. So you can manage your time more reasonable.

At first, Rotate clockwise to the end (60minute point). Then If you want to timer like 20minite long. just rotate in counterclockwise direction to the 20 minite point. When time's up,it rings automatically.

Package Included:
1 x kitchen cooking timer

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North West, Blue Ivy: 29 of the Richest Celebrity Children 06/25/15, via Huffington Post

has a net worth of $12 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth. For her youngest daughter Penelope's first birthday, Kourtney created a whimsical garden party at mom Kris Jenner's mansion, replete with a piglet, a horse dressed as a unicorn and 30

The Guardian

Back for the future: rating Disney's slate of live-action fantasy remakes 07/23/15, via The Guardian

Reports suggest the new version will retain the 1991 film's famous songs, including the Oscar-winning title ditty, though we're assuming cast member Emma Thompson will be playing a human version of housekeeper Mrs Potts rather than the earlier film's

Hamlet the Mini Pig - Goes Down the Stairs


He is coaxed down the stairs with oatmeal and then dives into the bowl from the last step.


Phoebe Wants to Become a Witch

Phoebe Wants to Become a Witch

Published by J G Sapodilla 2015

ISBN 9786050349214,6050349215

Short Stories. In due versioni. Inglese e italiano. Solar Powered Whisks - Listen to me, Frank. You've gotta sell at least a hundred of them before Friday. And try to get paid cash. Otherwise, I won't be able to get them to change their minds about firing you. Our business is going to hell. 'We're running at a loss. Maybe at the end of the month we'll have to shut down. Frullini a Energia Solare Era cominciata così. Sam — Ascolta Frank, devi venderne almeno cento prima di venerdì. E cerca di farti pagare in contanti. Altrimenti non riesco a convincerli a non licenziarti. Gli affari vanno male, siamo in perdita da troppo tempo, forse alla fine del mese chiudiamo. Frank aveva tentato una scusa disperata, una difesa scontata. Frank — Sam, sai bene che la gente non sta a comprare frullini...

Treasured Possessions, Fitzwiliam Museum, review: 'genuinely original' - Telegraph.co.uk

There are few major works of art in Treasured Possessions but an awful lot of nice things. The show is about how and why we desire, acquire, use, and display possessions we don’t really need. Focusing on a period from 1500 to 1800, it asks how luxury goods were made, marketed and sold – and looks, too, at the meanings owners attached to them once they brought them home. A collaboration between the History Department at Cambridge University and the Fitzwilliam Museum, the show looks at 250 works drawn entirely from the latter’s collection. Working together, historians and curators have come up with a genuinely original exhibition examining our relationship to the material world, and how the gratification of one desire inevitably created the longing for another. And so, as herbs and spices from America and the Far East began to be sold in large quantities in 16th century Europe, apothecaries presented their wares in wonderfully embellished majolica vessels. To reassure customers that they were getting what they paid for, these containers were clearly labelled with the name of the herb or spice each contained. Those who could afford luxuries like sugar, tea, snuff and tobacco could also afford to store these rarities in elaborately decorated jars, canisters and gold boxes. Between them, therefore, the vendor and the customer provided artists and craftsmen with the opportunity to create the dazzling array of elegant, pretty or fanciful receptacles we see in this show. As soon as our ancestors started to buy the things they wanted as opposed to needed, they made a discovery that changed the world: recreational shopping is fun. Why would an Elizabethan gentleman drink from a pewter flagon if he could afford one made of Iznik pottery from Turkey, exuberantly decorated with a pattern of red hyacinths and pomegranates. By the 18th century a well-off household might contain pots and cups made in porcelain factories in China , Vienna or Paris, as well as glassware from Venice or China, and furniture inlaid with ivory from India or ebony from Africa. Nothing, it seems, could not be monetised – whether religious devotion (pottery crucifixes and holy water stoups), tokens of bereavement (mourning rings), aids to flirtation (folding fans), time itself (lovely watches with tinkling chimes) or the... By now you’re thinking that none of this is exactly hot news – and you’re right. For instance, I have no interest in those 18th century Meissen porcelain figures of street vendors. But in this show, it’s not so much the artistry that went into the creation of the dainty sculptures the curators make us notice, it’s what those figures are doing. One realises that if you needed a map in the 1750s, you could buy one from a street hawker – trinkets, apples and fish likewise. It’s not their value as works of art the show highlights, but their value as social history. I loved Treasured Possessions for another reason. The source of the rot is academic theorists who treat works of art not as objects to be studied and understood for their own sake, but as portals leading to the discussion of subjects like gender, economics, or feminism. When this stuff seeps into a museum, what you get are exhibitions like Tate Britain’s current debacle, Sculpture Victorious. In Treasured Possessions, social history is not treated as an end in itself, but as a means towards a fuller understanding and appreciation of what is really important – the work of art.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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Small Beautiful Kune Kune X Piglets Pigs Litter Wisbech - 08/28/15, via Farminguk

Most of the piglets are Black & White Spotted & one has a touch of Ginger. These are not Tea-cup or Micro pigs, but will stay quite small, will reach about 40kg, about the size of a Labrador Retriever, a prefect pet or starter pig for those new to pig-keeping.

What You Can Learn from Servcorp’s “pig” Problem - 08/25/15, via Officing Today

appeared more “pig like” to Malaysian business people. Not a positive thing, especially during Ramadan. While Servcorp was able to move beyond what CEO Alf Moufarrige described as a “storm in a tea cup”, it puts a spotlight on what could become a c ...

Emig Mansion to hold open house - 08/21/15, via York Dispatch Online

The event will feature tours of the bed and breakfast, the mansion and the newest addition, Tea at the Mansion served by The Enchanted Teapot. Food and tea samples will be available. FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) — Maybe pigs can fly. Authorities in northern ...


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The Arcade Photography Contest : Dita Actor
The Arcade Photography Contest : Dita Actor
Personal Notes : Title : What The Fish Who? (WTFW) There was a really distinct Sci Fi Leaning in this round's Arcade. I wanted to create a set of pics capturing that madcap Fun! Special Thanks goes to Mina who gave me the Hopscotch 'Props are Cool' set which appears in this photo. Credits : Left to Right Sway's Swim Ring [Quack] - Life Saver (RARE) Zigana Super Bot - Billy (PR) The Arcade (Claw Machine) - Chic Fish (Mango) OhMai! Teacup Piglets - Piggy Who Olive Grandma's Treasure - Billy The Fish Tableau Vivant Emotes - Fox Schadenfreude - Tako Teapot (RARE) Apple Fall - Breakfast at Tiffany's - Lemon Tea Hucci Roadster (Packaging) Wilds of Organica - Sugar Glider Rigged Mesh Avatar (Black Beauty) HopScotch - Get your geek on - Props Are Cool Fashionably Dead - Radio Headphones - Avacado Miamai - Critter Society Floaties - Kitty Floatie Orange Vespertine Fabric Birds - Sleepy White Owl ( sans space helmet by yours truly!) Aria - Oolong Tea Planters - Vanda Nostalgic (RARE)...
Photo by Dita Actor on Flickr
Posted by Tonye at 4:47 AM
Posted by Tonye at 4:47 AM
Yixing Teapot Piglet on Pig 21 oz $26.99
Yixing Teapot Piglet on Pig 21 oz $26.99
Image by pinterest.com