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Cobalt Betty Teapot - 6 Cup

by Online Stores Inc
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  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • The historic Betty teapot in a cobalt glaze

Product description

The famous Brown Betty Teapot is also available as the Cobalt Betty. This little teapot has quite a history. Its origins date back to the end of the 17th Century and the birth of the British Ceramic Teapot. The original unglazed teapot was made out of red clay from the Bradell Woods area in Stoke-on-Trent. Today the Cobalt Betty teapot is still made in Stoke-on-Trent with the same clay from the original area (exactly like our genuine Brown Betty). British people believe the Betty makes the best pot of tea because of the type of clay that is used and the shape of the pot. The 6 cup Cobalt Betty holds approximately 36 fluid ounces. Dimensions: 8.5 inches L x 6.5 inches H (with lid) x 3.75 inches W (mouth of teapot is 2.5 inches) This teapot is lovingly hand-made in Staffordshire England. Because these teapots are hand made, there may be some slight imperfections. These teapots are not intended for use in a microwave or on a stove top. We recommend an electric tea kettle to boil the water for brewing your tea. Please Note: The Cobalt Betty teapots come with a back stamp that states "Adderley Ceramics Original Betty Made in England" .

English Tea Store 2 Cup Teapot Blue Gloss Finish

by Online Stores, Inc
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  • Made of ceramic
  • Made in China
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe. Not for use on the stove

Product description

These English Tea Store brand teapots are affordable, high quality teapots. These fine ceramic teapots are suitable for everyday household use, tea rooms and restaurants. Each teapot's capacity is approximately 16 ounces and are both dishwasher and microwave safe. Not for use on the stove. Dimensions: 7 inches length x 4.5 inches width x 4.5 inches height (opening of teapot is 2 inches) This teapot does not qualify for any shipping promotions.

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Having Both Extroverted And Introverted Traits Makes You More Successful 07/30/15, via Elite Daily (blog)

I saw a friend on the subway this morning, but intentionally avoided him so he wouldn't see me (sorry, dude). I'm not an antisocial person, but while I'm on my way to work, I don't want to speak to anyone. I just want to put my headphones on, open a

A tempest in the royal teapot 07/27/15, via Ellwood City Ledger

The English have their tea and crumpets in a stew because of a picture taken in 1930 of Queen Elizabeth giving the Nazi salute. Oh, honestly, the queen of England doesn't need me to defend her. I'm sure she has a highly paid entourage to do that. I'm

I'm a little teapot - English nursery rhyme + lyrics


Sing and dance along with this cute little teapot + visit http://www. com to see more of your cute nursery rhymes magically brought to life.


John Wesley's Half-gallon Teapot

2 pages

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Decorative English Teapot

Home & Outdoor

Made from brass. Antique silver color. Made in India. 10.5 in. H


English Lace Teapot


Inspired by the fine tradition of English embroidery, the English Lace Fine Bone China pattern is characterized by sophistication and timeless elegance; reminiscent of the enduring legacy of this beautiful openwork fabric. Each piece is decorated with a delicate lace motif accented by a shiny platinum band; bringing elegance and grace to any entertaining occasion.


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Renewed room for a cuppa - 07/28/15, via Blue Moutains Gazette

"We'll have sections featuring many different types of teapots including art deco, Oriental, Russian and English styles and we plan to hold special displays throughout the year like teapots designed for children and teapots featuring indigenous art.

CD REVIEW: CAMEMBERT ELECTRIQUE by Gong - 07/27/15, via Rotherham Advertiser

A French-English band led by an Australian ... The band is best-known for its Radio Gnome Trilogy – Flying Teapot, Angel’s Egg and You – which focussed on Pot Head Pixies from the Planet Gong flying around in teapots. Yes, really.

From a flat white to super smoothies – how to develop the perfect breakfast drinks menu - 07/27/15, via Hotel Industry Magazine

“Serving a proper brew – from English breakfast to herbal and fruit Tea is making ... investing in good quality teapots, premium trays and cups and saucers ensure good visual presentation and can encourage consumers to repurchase, therefore increasing ...


  1. Teapot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A teapot is a vessel used for steeping tea leaves or an herbal mix in boiling or near ... early English households employed the tea ... that slips over the tea pot.
  2. Teapots - English Tea Store Buy teapots and tea sets for less from the English Tea Store, the leading online retailer of tea & British foods. We offer an amazing selection of teapots and mugs ...
  3. teapot - definition of teapot in English from the Oxford ... A pot with a handle, spout, and lid, in which tea is brewed and from w.... Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content.
So I got up and wanted my early morning cup of Lampsungshoeson tea, I put the kettle on, and get the tea pot down..oh heck there's something in the tea pot. No idea what this wee chap wants but it means I'm going to have to look after it for a bit...as if having Tic-Tacs ruling my house wasn't bad enough......:(
Photo by Neal. on Flickr
Measham ware 'bargee art' teapot, 1976_791
Measham ware 'bargee art' teapot, 1976_791
Measham ware 'bargee art' teapot. For more information please go to blackcountryhistory.org/collections/getrecord/WASMG_WASMG...
Photo by Black Country Museums on Flickr
Photo by Lettuce. on Flickr
Katie Alice English Garden Teapot ~ love this ♥
Katie Alice English Garden Teapot ~ love this ♥
Image by pinterest.com
Fine Bone China 2-Cup Teapot Swirl design with gold trim Size: 5"H, 7 ...
Fine Bone China 2-Cup Teapot Swirl design with gold trim Size: 5"H, 7 ...
English teapot:
English teapot:
Image by vayzo.com
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