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Cosmos Gifts Holiday/Seasonal Ceramic Cardinal Teapot, 5-1/4-Inch

by Cosmos
Price: $33.38 Buy Now

  • Functional teapot
  • Comes nicely packaged in a sturdy gift box
  • High quality ceramic construction

Product description

Cosmos Gifts features a collection of high quality porcelain and ceramic items. This exquisite line includes seasonal and everyday items ranging from platters, mugs, cookie jars, salt and pepper sets, ornaments, musical figurines, night lights, etc. Great addition for your decor or as a gift to someone special. Entire line available through Amazon.

Tuscany Floral Poppy, Hand Painted Ceramic Canister, Set of 4, 84701 by ACK

by ACK
Price: $59.99 Buy Now

  • XLarge: 9-1/7"H x 6-2/3"W
  • When you add these Poppy Abundance Hand Painted Canisters to your Kitchen, good cheer and pretty color are always in bloom!
  • Large: 8-1/4"H x 6"W

Product description

Tuscany Floral Poppy, Hand Painted Ceramic collection

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Anoka County History: Revisiting the Tea Pot Dome scandal of 1923 07/21/15, via ABC Newspapers

The Teapot Dome Scandal engendered public outrage during the Harding administration of the early 1920s. On one hand, it was a relatively minor blip on the radar of history – a crooked government official caught with his hand in the cookie jar – but the 


The wonderful things that happen at the Fair 07/11/15, via State-Journal.com

Tables and tables will be filled with the best of needlework, art, horticulture, dolls, teapots, cookie jars and 4-H projects. Goats, sheep, swine, rabbits and poultry will be aplenty — you'll know you're getting close to the livestock exhibits when

29. Throwing / Making Lids for a Jar / Pot with Hsin-Chuen Lin


com/shop/hsinchuen. Hsin-Chuen Lin demonstrates throwing 2 different kind of lids for the same jar.


Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2008 Price Guide

Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2008 Price Guide

Published by F+W Media, Inc 2007

ISBN 0896895319,9780896895317
1008 pages

Lists more than ten thousand items, providing descriptions, values, and identification tips for a broad spectrum of popular collectibles.

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Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #22 - Memorial Service pt. 8 - More Intensity

The main current project is a series of posts charting my grief journey after the death of my mother. Talking to my Mother" chronicles my ongoing conversation with my mother, an activity that goes well with the theme of this blog (updated 2015). The Sense of Doubt blog is dedicated to my motto: EMBRACE UNCERTAINTY. I promote questioning everything because just when I think I know something is concrete, I find out that it’s not. I know I share things with you that you know or you remember, but the readers do not know and cannot remember. Dad's nickname for you is "Pill. " You had so adopted it for yourself that you labeled yourself in this picture as "Pill with Chris and Lori - Birthday (yours obviously) - 10/07/1970. " In this photo, Lori has just turned one year old two months previously. I am eight years old, over halfway to being nine. I did not add "Pill" to the discussions of your nicknames because in later years, Dad stopped using it. You were not a Pill in quite the same way after the meningitis. But this picture was taken long before that tragedy. This picture tells me a great deal about you and our life, our home, our family. There's your tea on the table and the nearby teapot. I can see the iron on the kitchen counter in the background and the old ceramic cookie jar, in which we never put cookies. We had only lived in this house on Hazelwood for a little over a year. Update on curtains 1507. 28: You loved those yellow curtains didn't you Mom. And though you loved them, you left them with the Hazelwood house when we moved. (Original text: I wonder if you liked those curtains. I found pictures that show me that they were still hanging there two years later, so maybe you did like them. Part of today's bit from my talk is about your standards. There are other things in the text, too, but this is the focus I want to keep right here. You are always so explicit about certain standards being maintained for how things are done, for what is done, for what is prioritized. Dad had mentioned not setting up the Christmas tree this year. I feel you right here next to me, Mom. Certain standards will be maintained. Just the way you want it. This is the next bit from the Memorial Service, last detailed HERE with the Mints Story on pt. 7 :. Really, she had been Ms. Intensity long before I gave her the nickname. For years, she cleaned our home all on her own. In later years, after we moved to West Gull Lake Drive, the home was bigger, and my father made more money, so she would hire someone to clean. Not only did she clean along with the person, (not to supervise but to chat) but she often cleaned before the cleaning person arrived. She was both intense and frantic about the annual Christmas party for my father’s firm that took place annually at our house. The house was never perfect enough for these events. And yet one of my college friends referred to our house as the dustless, dirtless house, and she didn’t even see it in its pre-party immaculate state. My mother was intense about her health. She had many doctors monitoring her health, even before the meningitis. In later years, her doctor told her to walk every day when she recovered from breaking her back in the mid-1990s. I took many of these walks with her as I worked at home and also needed exercise, but I had to keep up. She set a brisk pace, and we had a specific route that we adhered to religiously, walking all the streets in the same order all the time. And so it was with my mother. Everything just so, very particular, fussy, intense. And yet thoughtful. She put this intensity into the thoughtful ways that she showed her love for us. Her guiding principle was the Golden Rule. She tried to live up to it. She did not always succeed as it’s difficult to ALWAYS treat others as you have them treat you. This is one of her greatest gifts to me as I try to do the same and fail just as often. My sister has done a good job of detailing many of the things that shaped my mother’s identity, such as her role as our mother, baking, holidays, and cats. I could recount so many examples of the thoughtful gifts that she assembled throughout our lives, not just our childhoods. Even after the meningitis, she insisted that certain standards were maintained, and she’s going to watch my father to ensure he continues these traditions. She even learned favorites for friends or girlfriends of mine when she made dinners for them. In my adult years, I would often come home to find a plate of that evening’s dinner, perfectly arranged, covered with.

Source: sense of doubt
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(Set) Ceramic Wizard Of Oz Teapot And Dorothy & Scarecrow Cookie Jar

Home & Outdoor

The Wizard Of Oz Teapot Plus The Wizard Of Oz Dorothy And Scarecrow Cookie Jar There's no place like your home for this movie themed teapot. Sip your morning tea while reminiscing about your favorite movie! Teapot: Dimensional details. 40 oz. capacity - 6.75 tall. Handpainted ceramic. As young Dorothy Gale prepares to go back home, she tells Scarecrow, I think I'll miss you most of all. Tender moment is captured in this magnificent cookie jar. The Wizard Of Oz collectible is the perfect way to preserve a favorite movie moment. Cookie Jar: Handpainted ceramic.


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Anoka County History: Revisiting the Tea Pot Dome scandal of 1923 - 07/21/15, via ABC Newspapers

The Teapot Dome Scandal engendered public outrage during the Harding administration of the early 1920s. On one hand, it was a relatively minor blip on the radar of history – a crooked government official caught with his hand in the cookie jar – but the ...

Chocolate teapots are proven to be not so useless after all - 09/08/14, via Irish Independent

Master chocolatier John Costello and his team at Nestle have been analysing the functionality of a chocolate teapot and discovered that the trick to avoid melting is to create many layers of dark chocolate and pour out the tea within two minutes.

It’s all about the process - 06/20/14, via Hometown Focus

Mark played drums in elementary school as a last minute bass drum player for the school’s Christmas pageant. Mark’s passion for drums and performing music was ignited the evening of February 9, 1964. Mark wanted to watch The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh ...


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grandma's cookie jar
grandma's cookie jar
Cardinal USA
Photo by averya219 on Flickr
Yellow Teapot
Yellow Teapot
Photo by averya219 on Flickr
Insulated Pink Teapot
Insulated Pink Teapot
Photo by averya219 on Flickr
... collector flowered teapot cookie jar w/teapot top-unique-exc. cond
... collector flowered teapot cookie jar w/teapot top-unique-exc. cond
Image by pinterest.com
Image by flickr.com
linking up to Apron Thrift Girl
linking up to Apron Thrift Girl
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  • U2kingdom @bonojour I only have 3 TARDIS, a miniature one, a cookie jar and a TARDIS shaped teapot :p
  • carlcarlmar NEW Plain white cream porcelain Teapot tea caddie canister jar biscuit cookie http://t.co/WeC3s5qWih http://t.co/1IByXoJ5A6
  • Raukgu__Goozze M&Ms Vintage Green w/Red Stocking Cap Christmas Ceramic Teapot Cookie Jar SEALED - Full re… http://t.co/cwyG5DPKjy http://t.co/oeuWlZKHih

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