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This is a lined paper journal with coloring pages so that you can write your thoughts down and/or color a design at the same time to help you relax. Art and writing your thoughts during the day can help you stay organized as well. This travel size journal contains paper that is 6 x 9 inches so that it is easily transportable. Have a wonderful day and keep coloring and journalizing.

Product description

This is great for those times when you need to chill.
Everyone will benefit from the stress-relieving effect that
increased focus and creativity can provide.
There are no rules or complicated step-by-step instructions in these pages
and no need for craft supplies and expensive art.
Enjoy and relax coloring in this various designs.

Want to print this book?
You can also get a PDF version of these patterns so you can print them out and get coloring.

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From a Teapot Island to a Pencil Museum: Six quirky days out with a difference 05/28/15, via Express.co.uk

See the world's largest colouring pencil in the world at Cumberland Pencil Museum, in Cumbria. Featured in VisitEngland's book 101 Things To Do Before You Go Abroad, the Cumberland Pencil Museum provides a quirky day out for budding artists.

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11 Things Daughters Of Strong Women Know 05/06/15, via Huffington Post

You know, the kind who becomes a single parent with two kids under the age of 4, and never doubts she'll be enough. The kind who can solve any problem with one phone call, and skip any restaurant line using one convincing excuse. The kind who packs 

Charlie with teapot - Copic Coloring and Card Tutorial Craft


Where I color Charlie with teapot with my copics and then put together a card using papers from graphic 45 and stamping a sentiment with stamps from lawn .


Pratt Ware

Pratt Ware

Published by Antique Collectors Club Limited 2015

304 pages

The first book to deal exclusively with the subject of Pratt Ware is now available in a fully revised edition. Pratt Ware takes it name from a family firm of potters who worked in Staffordshire in the 18th and 19th centuries, but in fact this type of ware was made by many other potters not only in Staffordshire but also in Yorkshire, Liverpool, Sunderland, Tyneside, Devonshire and on the East and West coasts of Scotland. The wares made were very varied, as a glance through the book will reveal. They are also appealing often with a primitive quality, the generous use of a rich but limited range of oxide colours producing pieces which, like Oriental rugs, seem at home in most surroundings. Now with over 600 illustrations, many reproduced in colour for the first time, a vast amount of...

Korea life - day 251 (week 36) / (Korea) Yangpyeon one day trip - Camera cafe and Rail Bike

There are many times that I heard people's story about traveling, about living overseas, I always have the same expression, " Wow, so good. " Everytime, people would talk about how fragile life is. People can be healthily talking to you today and left the next day. I don't want to be like that too. I'm going to fight what I want and enjoy every single day. Korea life - 31 october 2014 (day 251 week 36). Because Qi will be leaving Korea soon, so now take this chance to see as many thing as we could together. Despite that yesterday we have a long day at Seoraksan National Park, today we will be heading to the camera cafe that seen very interesting. Once again we depart from the bus terminal to the change to the express bus to the Yongmun Intercity bus terminal (which take an hrs bus drive). Instead of trying to figure out how to get to the cafe by public transport, we took the taxi. Apparently that place is very popular at that area, most of the taxi drivers knows where it is if you mentioned the name of the cafe. A South Korea family that is living in Yangpyung (located 40 miles from Seoul) have built a life-size vintage Rolleiflex twin lens carmera cafe. The family consists of the husband who is an army aviation helicopter pilot, the wife who is a recently retired army aviation pilot, and their young daughter. The name of the cafe is Dreamy CameraCafe, and has been a lifelong aspiration for the husband. He wanted to combine his two passions for photography and coffee into one, that why there is the Dreamy camera cafe now. The outer building the totally the same as the pictures that was posted online and when it comes to the interior of the Dreamy camera cafe, it is 2 storeys with both floors having tables and chairs for visitors. The first floor has many toy cameras, miniature cameras, real vintage cameras, and a Rolleiflex camera the cafe is based on. The vintage cameras were collected by the husband and are in working condition. We were quite hungry due to the long travelling time but sad with the menu as there is nothing much able to eat, they mainly serve coffee and tea. Despite we were hungry, since we came all the way here, it will be a shame if we don't spend some time there. They serve tea is a super cute teapot and coffee with nice form art, and there are books around for people to read and spend some time there. We spent more than 2 hours there, kept taking pictures (from internal to external), we even took picture with the owner. They are very friendly people, even though there is some language barrier with foreigner, they will try their best to make a conversation with them. If they are located more to the city area, I will want to come back to visit them again. Because they are located quite inside the city, there is no taxi come by, so they helped us to call a taxi. While waiting for the taxi to come, we continue taking picture of the surrounding. After we board the taxi, we asked the taxi driver if there is any food that can introduce to us since we also don't know what is nice around here. He introduce us to this restaurant which serve quite good side dishes and bamboo rice. The name of the restaurant is <마당 곤드레밥>. Seem like is quite popular among the Koreans as we seem to be the only foreigners around (and there is no foreign website introduce about this restaurant too). We actually wanted to just order 3 set and share, but they don't let us do that and make us order one person one set. There is no point for us to argue with her so we order as she said, when we saw the amount of side dishes bought to our table, I was totally speechless. There were up to 20 side dishes and you can refill in anytime (most of the side dieshs can be refill, only one or 2 cannot). After lunch, it has free tea at the tea house next to the restaurant. We took our time to enjoy that cup of tea first then shop around the tea house bait before we called the taxi driver to drive us to our next stop. In the end, he was waiting outside of the restaurant the whole time. So we hurry out finish up the tea and hop back on to the taxi. We last min add this last stop . Because we had so much fun when we took it at Chunccheon, so I thought it would be as fun as it, so we just ask the taxi driver to drop as the Rail Bike entrance.

Source: Thingy street

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The Teapot Book - 01/02/15, via upenn.edu

Not for sale in the British Commonwealth, except Canada, or in Europe "Combined into The Teapot Book, these five chapters are a revelation and should be essential reading for any potter."—Pottery Making Illustrated "An excellent resource for anyone ...

Free printable Mother’s Day coloring pages for families on a budget - 05/11/13, via Examiner

Sometimes children cannot afford a big, extravagant gift for mom and want to give her something from their heart. These free coloring pages should help your children create many beautifully colored pictures for mom this Mother’s Day. Before you print out ...

Read This: 'The Teapot Dome Scandal' - 02/18/08, via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Laton McCartney. Random House. 351 pages. $27. Scandals in Washington come and go, but Teapot Dome remains a humdinger. In a scheme of breathtaking audacity, a handful of oil tycoons and corrupt government officials nearly managed to make away with a hefty ...


  1. Teapot Coloring Page - Twisty Noodle Teapot coloring page that you can customize and print for kids.
  2. teapots Colouring Pages teapots colouring pages. To enlarge the colouring page, ... Teapot coloring page f Show me more teapots colouring pages. Early Childhood Education.
  3. teapots_ Colouring Pages teapots_ colouring pages. To enlarge the colouring page, click on the thumbnail, or the yellow link at the corner of the thumbnail
"A ringed planet?" Give wings to your imagination ...
"A ringed planet?" Give wings to your imagination ...
Click to view in Lightbox. . Group (Soul o' Creativity) Front Page www.flickr.com/groups/1756299@N25 . Blogged here by Art Rock (Hennie) : artrock2006.blogspot.com/2012/01/ringed-planet.html ... when looking at this glass teapot, on a black granite surface, that is partially filled with tea made from a handmade Jasmine tea ball. I like how the condensation droplets add texture to the otherwise smooth glass surface of the teapot as seen from above. Have a great new week. Thanks for visiting my (peggyhr) new Flickr stream..
Photo by Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ on Flickr
Hottie Pot Holder
Hottie Pot Holder
I stitched this pot holder from a design I drew to look like the 1940s and 50s kitchen towels. The designs I have drawn are shown below the pot holder and are all available free on my flickr photostream in my Stickers, Softies, Stitching patterns, and Coloring Pages here: www.flickr.com/photos/jacquedavis/sets/72157605615689465/
Photo by davis.jacque on Flickr
(animated stereo) The love letter, circa 1900
(animated stereo) The love letter, circa 1900
To animate scroll down to the first comment or view the original size (click all sizes, above). Details and History The purpose here is not to duplicate the original image, from Okinawa Soba's stream, but to generate a downloadable animated gif to assist viewing and presentation. Soba-san notes that this hand tinted view titled reading a love letter, likely dates to the end of the 19th century. Quick Links to other Animated Stereo Images Images from Japan. Images from the Okinawa Soba collection. Hand tinted images from the 19th century. Copyright Advisory Okinawa Soba posted several CC licensed stereoimages, including the largest available collection documenting Japanese life and culture from the Meiji period through the early 20th century. Most have no known restrictions on publication and the digital images are shared under a creative commons share-alike license. The original page is here: www.flickr.com/photos/24443965@N08/4381621950/ Technical trivia Image...
Photo by Thiophene_Guy on Flickr
Black and White Teapot
Black and White Teapot
34 teapot coloring page . Free cliparts that you can download to you ...
34 teapot coloring page . Free cliparts that you can download to you ...
Simple Teapot Coloring Page
Simple Teapot Coloring Page

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