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Birthday Cupcake Topper, Alice's Teacup Cupcake Toppers, Tea for Two, Set of 12

by Piece of Cake Parties
Price: $12.99 Buy Now

  • Cupcake toppers are double sided and constructed of 110 lb paper Cupcake toppers come fully assembled and ready to use
  • A girl's birthday just won't be the same once this cupcake topper lands atop a scrumptious cupcake at your next party! 12 flawless cupcake toppers to enhance any birthday party
  • *Cupcake Wrappers shown in picture are sold seperately* Easy to use, just place cupcake topper in pre-frosted cupcake

Product description

Each adorable set includes 12 double sided die cut cupcake toppers constructed from 2 layers of 110 lb cardstock. Decorates 12 cupcakes. Each set will include 3 tea pots and 9 tea cups.

Sharlity Silicone 3D Afternoon Teapot Cup Cake Mould Fondant Decorating

by Sharlity
Price: $15.99 Buy Now

  • Flexible, non-stick, soap or food can easily pour, easy to clean
  • Color: ITEM COLR RANDOMLY SENT(possibly not the same color as pictures),if you dont accept that,please contact us before you bid it.Thank you.
  • You can diy with your family make an amazing cake and other snacks

Product description

Sharlity mold is made with high quality food-grade silicone, which meets FDA safety standards.

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Doncaster Today

Hot cup of coffee or tea offer at Hatty's in Epworth 08/14/15, via Doncaster Today

Or the traditional afternoon tea with a glass of fizz at £15.75 a head, which is served on dainty china with a sandwich selection, savouries, cakes and scones with tea or coffee. Kerry said: “We are community orientated and regularly stage charity events.


How Laura Trott became the face of the Women's Institute 07/26/15, via Telegraph.co.uk

Armed with a teapot, double Olympic medal winning cyclist Laura Trott is working the room at a Women's Institute tea party in Wimbledon, south-west London. Fortunately, she's wearing a WI apron, as she's already spilt tea over one of the white linen 

3D Carved Teapot Cake - How To With The Icing Artist


Learn how to make an authentic teapot cake. I will take you through every step you need to take, in order to re-create this beautiful cake at home.


Healthy Living in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Healthy Living in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Published by Optimus Education eBooks

ISBN 1907567097,9781907567094

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Shivers Down Your Spine (Review)

SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE. Firstly, I’d just like to say thank you to Writer/Director Matthew Kister, for allowing me to view an online screener of his Horror Anthology film “Shivers Down Your Spine” prior to its official release. He’s been a lifelong fan of Horror and formed his own production company called Dead Lantern Pictures with a group of his friends. Shivers Down Your Spine is a ten part anthology, that explores a host of different sub-genres including Spirits, Serial Killers and Vampires. An estimated fifty actors/actresses from Nebraska worked on the film, which took over four years to make on a combined $750. This is pure do it yourself indie film making, that saw a collection of people come together and achieve a common goal. It’s difficult to properly critique a film made up of so many segments, so what I’ll do is give you a rundown of what each short entails followed by an overall rating for each, and then a complete total rating. Out Of The Lamp is the wraparound segment in Shivers Down Your Spine. It cuts back and forth before and after every story, as well as being the opening and closing of the film. Jeff (played by Steve Eaton) is sitting at home getting ready to microwave some pizza, when he finds a gold teapot/gravy boat (I forget which haha). After a quick rub (no pun intended) it unleashes the sexy genie that is Sabihah (the lovely Megan Shepard). Jeff is granted the obligatory three wishes but unlike most people, doesn’t want for the typical possessions. Instead he asks Sabihah to tell him some of her best stories, stories that are what the audience ends up seeing. The genie/Bollywood style score that plays when Sabihah appears and then vanishes was cool. The audio was pretty clear and the camera work simple but smart. On one occasion, Jeff breaks the fourth wall to confirm what the audience already knows, but it was done so in a self-aware style, a device I don’t mind. On top of that the short use of visual effects is well executed. Eaton’s delivery was a little scripted for my liking, while on the other hand Megan projected plenty of personality (didn’t hurt that she got partially naked either, and then Jeff had to ruin it haha). Deadbolt is an 8 minute short about a girl named Cora (Jenny Chambers), whose settling in for a night of watching movies on Halloween. Deadbolt used its bass orientated score to perfection, it was very neatly edited and well-lit too. The aspects I enjoyed most about it were Jenny’s consistent acting, and Matt’s seemingly intentional nods to Wes Craven’s “Scream”. However I still found the audio levels were inconsistent and I didn’t like the amount of dutch angles that were used (tilting camera side on). Cora’s fall towards the end wasn’t choreographed realistically enough, and the sudden change in tone... BIRTHDAY DINNER. Birthday Dinner is a 7 minute short starring Eric Moyer and Michelle Schrage. A husband and wife are sitting down at their dinner table, enjoying a birthday barbecue. The Man has a discussion with his wife about why their daughter wasn’t allowed to attend her own birthday party. Birthday Dinner’s audio levels were better than the previous segment. The camera work was sharp and the transitioning between the two characters dialogue was seamless. It’s really well-edited and Moyer delivers his lines with passion, and in such a way that his true intent remains unclear until the closing stages. Saying that, if you’re like me and have seen similar concepts explored in other films, you’ll probably find this one a little predictable. I Dream Of Djinni is a 15 minute short film about Robert (Jesse Hapke), a guy living on a disability pension with nothing to show for himself. He receives a package from a delivery man (Kevin Casey), which turns out to be the same teapot Jeff found in the first segment. It releases Djinni (played by Megan Shepard again), and Robert gets his three wishes. He wishes for the ideal women that can fulfill all of his needs, but he gets a lot more than he bargained for with the “young girl” played by gorgeous Taylor Melone. This one managed a consist audio level and simple but effective camera work.

Source: AdamTheMovieGod

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Tea Pot Cake - Mother's Day - 05/09/15, via break.com

See how to make this Tea Pot Cake for your mother on Mother's Day. ***** Follow me on Twitter- https-//twitter.com/iheart2travel1 Facebook- https-//www.facebook.com/iheart2travel ...

Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte Recipe - 08/10/05, via 101cookbooks.com

The timing of our visit was not at all a fluke, at a party recently a friend made a chocolate cake that floored me. It sat at the center of a big buffet table throughout the birthday party, pretty - but at the same time simple and unassuming. It was low ...


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Hand painted Tea Party Cupcakes
Hand painted Tea Party Cupcakes
Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese icing. Hand painted fondant accents, and everything is 100% edible!
Photo by The Uncommon Cakery on Flickr
Teapot Cake
Teapot Cake
Photo by mkrill on Flickr
Celebration Cakes
Celebration Cakes
Cake design di Maria E. Rossi.
Photo by California Bakery on Flickr
teapot cake pans
teapot cake pans
Image by flickr.com

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