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Appletree 8-1/8-Inch Ceramic Rooster Teapot

by Appletree
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  • Measurement: H: 8.13 x W: 7.88
  • Material: ceramic
  • Perfect gift for those that love tea pot

Product description

This 8 1/8-Inch crafted fine hand painted Ceramic Rooster teapot, it can be used as a beautiful centerpiece for any occasion. It's a whimsical look. A functional to the casual or give you many joys on the dinning table. Hand washing recommended for earthenware and made in china.

Certified International 17720 Sunflower Rooster Teapot, 40 oz, Multicolor

by Certified International
List price: $35.52 Price: $35.45 Buy Now

  • Hand Wash Recommended
  • Lead free ceramic
  • Designed by Susan Winged

Product description

Certified International is a leading manufacturer of ceramic tableware's. All items are attractive, functional and value priced allowing you to create a stylish table setting with coordinating kitchen accessories. Hand Painted Ceramic Dinnerware.

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The Seattle Times

Top 5 spots for dim sum in Seattle and on the Eastside 05/14/15, via The Seattle Times

Service can be slow, but it's friendly, and the tea comes in a cute teapot with a rooster on it. (7844 Leary Way N.E., Redmond, 425-882-2228 or Bethany Jean Clement: 206-464-2050 or On Twitter @ 

New York Times (blog)

Sinosphere | Ai Weiwei Trades Politics for Subtlety in First Solo Exhibition ... 06/08/15, via New York Times (blog)

In a nod to the continued influence of Marcel Duchamp's ready-mades on Mr. Ai's work, various everyday objects are placed throughout the two exhibition spaces: a painted ladder, traditional lanterns and a vast spread of spouts broken off from antique

Rooster Chicken Ceramic Decorative Teapot

This is a wonderful rooster teapot figurine. The teapot is in excellent condition.


Yixing Pottery

Yixing Pottery

Published by LONG RIVER PRESS 2015

ISBN 159265018X,9781592650187
77 pages

Guide to the highly popular Yixing style of Chinese pottery

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Top 5 spots for dim sum in Seattle and on the Eastside - The Seattle Times

Lovers of dim sum have strong feelings about carts. Part of the great, gluttonous fun, cart-partisans say, is the bounty of dumplings, buns and assorted delights wheeled right up to the edge of your table, then choosing anything and everything your heart desires. In a life where you’re seldom, if ever, presented with a half-dozen happy options all at once — much less the option of choosing them all — it’s magic. Even some Western restaurants, like San Francisco’s State Bird Provisions and Tray Kitchen here in Seattle, are getting in on it, serving non-dim-sum food from carts or trays ferried around the dining room. Naysayers protest that ordering from a menu is actually the authentic, Hong-Kong dim-sum way, and that stopping at other tables makes dumplings colder, soggier and generally suboptimal. The truly best dim sum in the area — which they must always point out is really in Richmond, B. C. (and so worth the drive) — isn’t from carts, naysayers say. I love dim sum so much, I’m agnostic on how it travels to my mouth, and I don’t always want to travel internationally to get it. A new South Seattle place was the impetus for this dim-sum roundup: It’s got carts and it’s great. But excellent a la carte options follow as well. There’s room in my heart and stomach for all of them, and I’ll bet in yours, too. Foo Lam Foo Lam opened this past Valentine’s Day on the Rainier Valley/Beacon Hill border, but it feels like it’s been around forever. The midsize room has fluorescent lighting, a modicum of Chinese decor, and families and friends piling lazy Susans with startling amounts of food. ) The carts have stuff you can’t find elsewhere, like bouncy, noodlelike strips of jellyfish in a chili oil dressing. The chef came from San Francisco, according to the nice woman who keeps an eye on everything. it’s Hong Kong-style and “very Chinese,” she says approvingly. Monsoon Long beloved for upscale Vietnamese cuisine, Monsoon branches out to include a short menu of not-from-a-cart dim sum at weekend brunch on both Capitol Hill and in Bellevue. Here’s a secret: The ha gow and shrimp-and-chive wonton dumplings are made at Jade Garden, as owner Eric Banh holds the craft of the translucent wrappers in such high regard, he says, “We leave it to the experts. ” True, it costs less at Jade Garden, but at Monsoon, you get optimally hot food in tranquil, lovely surroundings, plus they take reservations and serve rosé. Also, the house-made daikon-and-taro cake, light and airy with a crispy, caramelized sear, is the best around. , Seattle, 206-325-2111. 10245 Main St. , Bellevue, 425-635-1112 or monsoonrestaurants. Jade Garden The wait at this Chinatown International District institution can be excruciating: Crammed into the tiny foyer, endlessly contemplating the dusty fake fruit (and one errant carrot) hanging from the ceiling. But what the carts purvey here is, in fact, all that, and it’s cheap, too. And guess what: They accept reservations, which aren’t necessarily interpreted strictly but can reduce your waiting time from, say, more than an hour to 15 minutes. Dough Zone No carts at this Bellevue newcomer, with two locations, just fresh-tasting and remarkably good dumplings. The chicken pot stickers here are a revelation of hot juiciness, with a perfect lacy sear. Speaking of juicy, get the soup dumplings. regular dim sum doesn’t know what it’s missing. The atmosphere’s generic but pleasant, and niceties like a chilled bowl of ginger to mix your soy sauce and vinegar in make Dough Zones extra-great zones to be in. (15920 N. E. Eighth St. #3, Bellevue, 425-641-8000. 14625 N. E. 24th St. ,... Eastern Pearl This place in quaint old-town Redmond is cool, calm and tidy, with booths and pretty tablecloths giving the appeal of an extra-nice diner. To order, you get a laminated menu and a dry-erase pen (not cart-fun, but fun). The ha gow doesn’t have the most refined wrapper, but it’s tasty, and the lotus-leaf-wrapped sticky rice is excellent: loaded with lots of Chinese sausage, plus whole shiitake mushrooms. In addition to dim sum, hot pots and Americanized Chinese, chef/owner Charley Lee also makes Hakka specialties. Service can be slow, but it’s friendly, and the tea comes in a cute teapot with a rooster on it. (7844 Leary Way N. E. , Redmond, 425-882-2228 or easternpearlredmond.

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Westland Giftware 33-Ounce Cozy Rooster Ceramic Teapot, 7.25-Inch

Home & Outdoor

Westland Giftware's Cozy Rooster Ceramic Teapot is 7.25 tall and has a 33oz capacity. It is a Lori Siebert design, beautifully painted and detailed, and just the right size for sharing a cozy cup of tea with others. Westland Giftware is a leading manufacturer in the gift and collectible industry.


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Staten Island woman has been collecting rooster bric-a-brac for more than 50 years - 04/14/13, via Staten Island Advance

You'll find rooster canisters, coffee mugs, dinner plates, a bread box, and a large carving board nailed to a wall near the side door. There are clocks, teapots, salt-and-pepper shakers, towels and pot holders, place-mats and hot plates, curtains ...

Timed Cluck for Better Tea - 05/02/12, via

Chicken & Kitchen is a quirky take on timer-enabled teapots. I love the bright red rooster-esque reference to the timer feature. As easy as it says….turn the crank to set the time from 5 minutes to about an hour, and at the set minute, this chicken is ...

Timed Cluck for Better Tea - 05/01/12, via

Chicken & Kitchen is a quirky take on timer-enabled teapots. I love the bright red rooster-esque reference to the timer feature. As easy as it says….turn the crank to set the time from 5 minutes to about an hour, and at the set minute, this chicken is ...


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cock pot
cock pot
"Black clay teapot of cock shape. Seals: Zhang Jing, Jing, Dingshanren Circa 1988" at the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware in Hong Kong Park, in Hong Kong.
Photo by istolethetv on Flickr
Rooster-Headed Ewer LACMA M.2002.1.308
Rooster-Headed Ewer LACMA M.2002.1.308
Wikimedia Commons image page Description Title Rooster-Headed Ewer Description : Probably Iran, 8th century : Furnishings; Serviceware : Earthenware, underglaze-painted : Height: 12 in. (30.48 cm) : The Madina Collection of Islamic Art, gift of Camilla Chandler Frost (M.2002.1.308) : [http: // Islamic Art] : Currently on public view: Ahmanson Building, floor 4 Accession number M.2002.1.308 Date 8th century Source *Image: http: // *Gallery: http: // Institution {{Institution: Los Angeles County Museum of Art}} Permission License Public domain LACMA Islamic pottery from Iran in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Images from LACMA uploaded by Fæ Images from LACMA uploaded by Fæ (check needed) Serviceware in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Photo by on Flickr
Terracotta neck-amphora (storage jar)
Terracotta neck-amphora (storage jar)
Terracotta neck-amphora (storage jar) Greek, Euboean, Archaic, ca. 560 B.C.; black-figure On one side, two men stand between roosters; one holds a kerykeion, a staff terminating in a caduceus, which identifies him as an official herald or envoy sent from one Greek city to another. On the other side, a herald stands between sirens.
Photo by peterjr1961 on Flickr
Rooster teapots! We had the creamer pot to one of these sets when I ...
Rooster teapots! We had the creamer pot to one of these sets when I ...
Image by
home kelvin chen teapots animal teapots
home kelvin chen teapots animal teapots
Rooster Teapot by Lily Creek
Rooster Teapot by Lily Creek
Image by
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  • Sesame Noodles Ingredients:sesame seed, cayenne, ginger, green onion, linguine, rice vinegar, soy sauce, dark sesame oil
  • Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Rice and Beans) Ingredients:black beans, vegetable oil, rice, cilantro, garlic, green onion, coriander, cumin, ginger, onions, salt, worcestershire sauce
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