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Xtrema Stove Top Ceramic 2.5 Quart Retro Teapot-Kettle (Sky Blue)

by Ceramcor
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  • This two-quart black retro teapot comes with a cover and will heat enough water to make tea, whether you are enjoying tea on your own or with a group of your closest friends.

Product description

Looking for a new teapot that's incredibly functional, astonishingly durable and looks good with the look of your kitchen? Welcome to Xtrema's Retro Tea Pot! You'll love how fast you can heat water in our 100% green tea pot, made with ceramic that conducts heat faster. Ceramic also retains heat longer, which means you can enjoy cup after cup of tea, hot chocolate, coffee and anything else without having to reheat. Available with a blue cover and in other colors, our Retro Tea Pot will be the last teapot you ever need. Features: 2 Qt Size: From a cup of tea to hot water for bouillon, never again taste metal in your hot water. Easy-Grip Handle: Specially-designed handle avoids burns and spills. Non-Scratch Ceramic: Unlike other materials, our ceramic will stand the test of time. Brilliant Black Finish: The glossy black swirl-top design blends beautifully with any d├ęcor. Versatility and Durability: Use your teapot on the stove, in the fridge, on the table, in the dishwasher and more.

Product description

Please note: this comes in a set of 2Retro Teapot Design Mini Lamp With Fabric Shade. 25W Max. Polyresin. Features:Size:W 6" H 50" L 3"