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Chinese Tranditional Porcelain Tea Set Teapot and Tea Cup 7 Pcs -Dragon Symbols

by Oriental-beauty
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  • With a stainless Removable Strainer in the teapot. It will help you to seperate the tea-leaves and water.
  • Size:Teapot: 15CM*11CM ; Cup: 7CM*7CM. Good for collection and good gift for friends; Best wishes to new life.
  • The Porcelain has two Layers and is Heat-resistant. You will not feel hot when the cup is filled with hot water.

Product description

Product Name: Chinese Traditional Porcelain Tea Set
This elegant Chinese tea set is decorated with traditional Chinese picture: Two dragons are playing a pearl.It is a symbol of a happy life.
Size: Teapot: 15CM*11CM ; Cup: 7CM*7CM
Packaging: packed in gift box. (The wood frame in the picture is not included in the package)
Package includes: 1 teapot; 6 tea cups; 1 Removable Strainer .
100% Handcrafted Chinese tea set.

Teabox Oriental Tea Maker (BPA-free, Drain-tap technology, 16 fl oz)

by Teabox
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  • Material: BPA Free Plastic
  • An ultra-chic tea maker for preparing loose-leaf teas, anytime.
  • Volume: 500 ml

Product description

Like a teapot, this oriental tea maker lets you steep tea in the easiest way possible. All you have to do is spoon your favorite tea into the tea maker and add recently boiled water to steep a cup to your liking. Once the tea is ready, simply place the tea maker on top of a cup. The valve at the bottom of the tea maker automatically opens and your tea flows out through the fine-mesh filter. This is the newest, most modern and efficient way of steeping loose-leaf tea.