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Old Dutch Cast Iron Positivity Teapot, 26-Ounce, Dusk

by Old Dutch Int'l, LTD
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  • The heat-retaining properties of cast iron allow our tetsubin teapots to keep tea at the proper serving temperature for up to an hour
  • The porcelain enamel interiors keep the taste of the tea pure and allow for easy cleaning
  • Infuser included

Product description

Unity cast iron "positivity" teapot dusk finish. graceful, elegant cast iron tetsubin teapot crafted in the Japanese style. inspired by highly prized antique Japanese cast iron teapots still in use today. features a black enamel interior coated that helps prevent rust includes a stainless steel tea brewing basket for ease of preparation. for brewing and serving tea. not intended for stovetop use. 26-ounce capacity. hand wash.

Royal Albert Old Country Roses 3-Piece Tea Set

by Royal Doulton
Price: $84.99 Buy Now

  • Crafted from fine bone china and embellished with 22-carat gold
  • Design inspired by English roses in full bloom
  • Set includes teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl

Product description

Royal Albert's Old Country Roses is one of the most popular bone china patterns ever produced. A design classic, with a lavish 22-carat gold border is adorned by English roses; Old Country Roses has an enduring appeal for those with a passion for florals and a taste for nostalgia and vintage-chic. Over 150 million pieces of Old Country roses have been sold worldwide since its introduction in 1962.

Designed originally in 1962 by Harold Holdcroft, Royal Albert's Old Country Roses has become one of the most popular china patterns in the company's century-long history. The sumptuous design is enhanced by the sophisticated shape, graceful floral ornamentation, rich feminine colors, and a style and elegance that are uniquely English.

This matching 3-piece tea set from Royal Albert beautifully complements the entire line of Old Country Roses tableware pieces. The classically shaped 6-cup teapot, 10-ounce sugar bowl, and 8-ounce creamer, each are regally edged with a hand-trimmed border of 22-carat gold. With matching rounded bowls and ornately fashioned handles and spouts, each piece in the set also stands upon a small footed base. The crisp whiteness of the bone china gracefully showcases the decorative pink and golden yellow country roses as they cascade down the side of each vessel. Set on a bed of greenery, the delicate flowers resemble those growing in a classic English garden.

The 6-cup teapot stands 8 inches high and measures 10-1/2 inches from handle to spout, the 10-ounce sugar bowl stands 4-1/2 inches high and measures 5-1/2 inches from handle to handle, and the 8-ounce creamer stands 4-1/2 inches high and measures 4-3/4 inches from handle to spout. While the set is dishwasher-safe, for best results, Royal Albert recommends washing fine china by hand. --Lea Werbel

What's in the Box
3-piece tea set. Tea set consists of: 6-cup teapot; 10-ounce sugar bowl; 8-ounce creamer. 3 pieces total.

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Winston-Salem Journal

N.C. town home to one of largest pottery communities in U.S. - Winston-Salem ... 07/20/15, via Winston-Salem Journal

There's everything from earth-toned dinnerware to vibrantly colored vases, folk art coffee cups to elegant urns, garden ornaments, lamps, teapots and more. “Seagrove is a treasure hunt through the community,” said Phil Morgan, who started his eponymous


3 Ideas For Curing Your Case Of The Mondays 07/20/15, via Co.Design

Be honest, this morning sucked, right? Sunday night seemed so peaceful. You thought maybe the weekend would never end. And then, suddenly, the screeching alarm. But what if you'd woken to the sound of a child's giggles? This is the philosophy of 

Using Teapots : Cast Iron Teapots


Cast iron teapots hold heat for a prolonged amount of time. Learn to use a cast iron teapot with tips from a tea lounge owner in this free tea brewing video.


Old Silver Teapots


30 pages

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3 Ideas For Curing Your Case Of The Mondays - Co.Design

Sunday night seemed so peaceful. You thought maybe the weekend would never end. This is the philosophy of Monyay , a series of three concepts Ideo and the WNYC show Studio 360 created to make Mondays a little less horrible. It includes an alarm clock called Lolzzz that you tickle, a tin can communication device called Sincerely that wags its tail with nice messages, and a gadget called PopUp that pings you with notifications by blowing big poppable bubbles. "The place that we were looking here was at this really painful moment, that moment that marks the transition between your weekend and your week," says Ideo design director Ingrid Fetell. "I think the intention was to find a way to bring a moment of whimsy and put you in another kind of headspace. The natural place to go in that moment is a sense of dread and loss. What we wanted to create was a sense of positivity, joy, and abundance. Each object is a masterpiece of interaction design. Yes, it’s an alarm clock that giggles you awake. When you walk over to the device to turn it off, the object is rocking on its back with belly laughter. And when you tickle it, the alarm just doesn’t stop. The UX actually lures you into a moment of happiness. Sincerely is like an updated version of the old two tin cans and a string telephone. Every Sunday night, a connected app prompts someone to leave a nice message about you. On Monday, shortly after you wake, you’ll see the can. But it’s not blinking or buzzing like your phone. It’s, for lack of a better term, wagging its tail like a happy dog. Pick it up, and hear something nice about yourself. If novel interactions in the industrial design world are rare, novel interactions created specifically to make us happy are even rarer. Fetell points to our own habituation as the culprit. "I wouldn’t say that design is stagnant, but I would say, there are patterns, and assumed forms of the small daily objects we interact with every day, that we don’t question," says Fetell. "And there are a lot of things designed with a very different set of considerations in mind than what makes us feel good. They’re all objects that pretty much work one agreed-upon way. Even a modern smartphone—an object known for massive amounts of app-driven UX experimentation—will give us notifications through a relatively universal language of chirps, buzzing, or blinking lights. Contrast that smartphone approach to notifications to the way Monyay’s PopUp handles them. Instead of blinking, it blows a bubble. Why a bubble. Fetell says that research shows round shapes induce joy , but even more so, it passes her own observational baby testing. "If you have an infant, and they smile at something they’ve never seen before, that’s a good indicator there’s something unconscious [going on]," Fetell says. "If you watch babies and bubbles, there’s a universal attraction and joy. I’ve never seen a baby burst into tears over a bubble. If you like the Monyay concepts as much as we do, you might also wonder, why aren’t more objects designed as much for joy as they are for utility. Why don’t we surround ourselves with lamps that waggle their tails, and refrigerators that blow bubbles. "You don’t want a circus. " Fetell says. "I don’t think I’d ever suggest that we should design a circus, and overload on this. that’s the thing about joy, it’s not meant to be lasting, it’s a wave.

Source: www.fastcodesign.com
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Old Dutch International Six Shelf Satin Copper Cookware Stand

Home & Outdoor

This cookware stand is both functional and decorative. This is the perfect space saver for anyone with a small kitchen who doesn't have much storage or cabinet space. This stand also makes a great accent piece to any room in your home. With 6 shelves you can place your pots, pans, canisters, teapots, and vases on this shelf to store and decorate your home. This contemporary kitchen stand is strong, durable and will add elegance wherever it's placed. Because these shelves are hand crafted, each one varies slightly from the next. Durably made from steel. Some assembly is required. Width of shelves from top to bottom: 7 1/2" 8 1/4" 9 1/4" 10" 11 1/4" 13" Clearance between the shelves (top-to-bottom) 5 3/8" 7" 8 1/4" 9 1/2" 13 7/8" .


Royal Albert
Old Country Roses Teapot


The best-selling dinnerware pattern in the world, the Old Country Roses pattern is practically synonymous with the name Royal Albert and a long-standing testament to timeless style and elegant craftsmanship. This Teapot is decorated with the Old Country Roses signature motif of burgundy, pink and yellow roses, accented with lustrous gold banding.


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Honorary degree awarded to Teapot Trust founder - 07/20/15, via eastlothiancourier.com

The Teapot Trust, which is based in Cockenzie House, was established by Laura and her husband John in 2010 following the death of their eight-year-old daughter Verity, who suffered from the autoimmune disease Lupus. Verity made a lot of visits to hospital ...

Annual Mountainhome UMC antiques show honors late founder - 07/17/15, via Pocono Record

“I have some teapots, figurines, sterling, carnival and unusual pictures and more,” Bergesen said. “I’ve been collecting things since the 1970s. I try to buy unusual things a lot.” Bergesen has been participating in other antique shows in the ...

Burglars hit Athens storage building - 07/17/15, via Athens Banner-Herald

... on Gaines School Road sometime between July 1 and Thursday and stole $1,200 worth of property including a set of vintage teapots, according to Athens-Clarke police. The thief cut a lock on the unit, police said. Also, a 23-year-old resident of Georgia ...


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Garage Sale Teapot
Garage Sale Teapot
We picked this up today from a neighbor's garage sale. I've never seen anything like it. Three pieces of ceramic held with metal into this most curious tea pot. Anyone know anything about it?
Photo by Choconancy1 on Flickr
Garage Sale Teapot
Garage Sale Teapot
We picked this up today from a neighbor's garage sale. I've never seen anything like it. Three pieces of ceramic held with metal into this most curious tea pot. Anyone know anything about it?
Photo by Choconancy1 on Flickr
Pottery, Vatican Museums
Pottery, Vatican Museums
Photo by faungg's photos on Flickr
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