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Alessi Replacement Bird Whistle for 9093 Michael Graves Kettle

by Alessi
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  • Only fits ALESSI Kettle 9093 designed by Michael Graves
  • Barrel diameter 0.75 inches

Product description

Replacement whistle for ALESSI 9093 Kettle designed by Michael Graves

Michael Graves Design™ Spinner Whistle Teakettle

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  • Convenient Flip Top Whistle Spins
  • Soft Touch

Product description

Michael Graves, world-renowned and award winning architect and designer, creates buildings and products that foster well-being and contribute to the quality of life for all of us. STAINLESS STEEL TEA POT 2.2 QUART, Convenient Flip Top Whistle Spins, Soft Touch Stay Cool Handle.

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Baylor University

Will Clutter Make a Comeback? Yes, but in a New Form ... 07/20/15, via Baylor University

Architect Michael Graves — best known by some for creating a line of Target items such as colorful toasters and teapots with whistles or birds bedecking the spouts — "thought you could have all these bells and whistles, literally, if it brought you


The Michael Graves designs you didn't know about 03/14/15, via Quartz

“Michael proved an incredible ability to tune in to public taste, even that of the man on the street: he is not a lover of theory, but has once admitted his wish to help create an “American style,” said Alessi's founder, Alberto Alessi. Graves's kettle

Michael Graves' kettle for Alessi was "a best-seller for 15 years"


See more design movies on Dezeen: www. com/features/movies Alberto Alessi discusses the popularity of Michael Graves' kettle with a bird-shaped.


The water kettle by Michael Graves

The water kettle by Michael Graves

Published by Art Books Intl Ltd 1997

48 pages

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Will Clutter Make a Comeback? Yes, but in a New Form ... - Baylor University - Baylor University

Follow us on Twitter: @BaylorUMedia . Contact: Terry Goodrich, (254) 710-3321. WACO, Texas (July 20, 2015) — The New York Times best-seller "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" — in which the author advocates ditching things that do not "spark... But techno-clutter may be the next hurdle. Baylor University design historian Elise King, who is herself streamlined when it comes to knickknacks and the clothes closet, says there is "an ebb and flow over time" of non-essential vs. busy when it comes to architectural styles and interior... " These days, what is increasingly emerging is not only digital clutter, but "digital debris" that spills over into the physical, she says. Amazon’s recently introduced "dash buttons," each labeled with a brand product name. Press one when you’re running out of an item, and you can order that particular product via Amazon. The dash buttons serve almost as a glut of techno Post-it notes throughout the home, said King, assistant professor of interior design in Baylor’s Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences. "They’re byproducts of the Digital Age, but they’re still clutter," King said. Digital art. This emerged a few years ago, with high-resolution images that adorn walls, hide a computer underneath and can be controlled by a smartphone, voice or gesture. And on the DVR scene, the Mega can store up to three years of TV shows, which some might suggest borders on techno-hoarding. The trusty Crock-Pot in its new incarnation: the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo. (Or clutter, depending on how you look at it. ) When it comes to accumulating or divesting stuff, "Everything is a reaction over time,” said King, who specializes in 20th-century American architecture and interior design. While those who weathered the Great Depression championed the “use it up, wear it out, make it do” philosophy, the current societal nod goes to those who donate, recycle, toss or tidy up. (And be sure to thank the items before you say goodbye,... Historically, architects around the turn of the 20th century until the period between the two world wars embraced the notion of "form follows function," King said. Designs should be derived from a purpose, with simplicity and no unnecessary details. "Architect Adolf Loos went so far as to say that ornamentation bordered on criminal because it was wasteful," King said. But by the 1960s through the 1990s, architects were mixing myriad colors and styles — and that happened in home décor and appliances, too. Architect Michael Graves — best known by some for creating a line of Target items such as colorful toasters and teapots with whistles or birds bedecking the spouts — "thought you could have all these bells and whistles, literally, if it brought... But the current joy is sparked by what is relatively stark. To Kondo’s way of thinking, even the conventional nifty storage bins are clutter if they are simply a way to hide outdated or unnecessary items. "It's all very much a reaction," King said. Baby boomers' kids have moved out. a lot of boomers are moving from the 'burbs to the 'urbs. '" Many millennials also are moving to smaller, more central locations. On TV shows such as FYI Network’s "Tiny House Nation" and HGTV’s "Tiny House Hunters" and "Tiny House Builders," people shrink their space to simplify, save money or increase family closeness — literally — in such habitats as the '172-foot Dream... "Maybe people want to be in a place with less traffic, or get away from it all to the country," King said. "But properties in both the country and urban areas can be at a premium, so what may make it doable is having a smaller house. "Parents always tell their kids to clean their room or get rid of clutter. But eventually it will be the kids who have to clean up after their parents," said Spencer Cutright, a Baylor University senior majoring in public relations. "When my grandpa moved from his house to his retirement home, my dad and I had to go through all of his stuff and see what was worth keeping.

Source: www.baylor.edu

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How the Alessi 9093 kettle became a design classic - 05/22/15, via Financial Times

Thirty years on, the stainless steel stovetop kettle is one of Alessi’s best-selling products with over two million sold to date. Designed by the Princeton-based postmodern architect Michael Graves (1934-2015), who died in March, it marries high design ...

Who But Michael Graves? - 05/13/15, via Town Topics

This iconic work, “Spinning Whistle Tea Kettle,” by the late architect and designer Michael Graves is one of some 2,500 brought to market for clients such as Target, Alessi, Stryker, and Disney by his leading design firm, Michael Graves Architecture ...

Michael Graves sought to create joy through superior design - 03/27/15, via Architecture and Design

Visit the website of designer Michael Graves ... household items such as bowls and metallic coffee pots. Graves' most famous Alessi design is his iconic teakettle (formally known as the 9093 kettle), which had a cheerful red whistling bird and sky-blue ...


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Photo by williamcromar on Flickr
i am ridiculous.
i am ridiculous.
so i got this silly & incredible teapot. maybe even slightly obnoxious to some. which really if you know me... is me: silly obnoxious & slightly awesome. (oh, and that thing spins when the water is ready. perfect.)
Photo by stefernie on Flickr
plus like a seagull I love shiny
Photo by stefernie on Flickr
Alessi Michael Graves Kettle with Small Bird-Shaped Whistle
Alessi Michael Graves Kettle with Small Bird-Shaped Whistle
Alessi Graves Teapot
Alessi Graves Teapot
Alessi Michael Graves Electric Kettle
Alessi Michael Graves Electric Kettle
Image by lbcmodern.com