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SaikaiToki Super Stainless Kyusu Japanese Teapot Majolica from Japan 73446

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  • ■ Origin: Hasami yaki
  • WARNING::It is possible use in microwave oven and dishwasher. In the microwave, please remove the net.
  • ■Φ10 × 8.5cm 420ml

Product description

It is a super stainless steel tea strainer (SS tea strainer) with a teapot of the utility model. Features of SS tea strainer is, Bottom of-network, because it is not narrowed as conventional products, because the tea leaves open leisurely well, can be pulled out the taste of tea enough. - Since the eye of tea strainer net is finer than conventional products, difficult to mix the strips of tea leaves, you can enjoy a cup of tea with a smooth texture and smooth Nodogoshi. In addition, from this feature, it is preferred to also put a nutritious flour tea leaf type tea and tea leaves. - Clean up and care is easy. Since the net is made in the shape of "surface", less Hikkari of tea leaves, it will 0.00 tea leaves just flow with water. - It is difficult to deform. In order to net is fixed by a frame of stainless steel plate, it can prevent deformation of Dari recessed or bent.

Le Souk Ceramique Malika Design Teapot

by Le Souk Ceramique
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  • Dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe (though not for use with oven, stovetop or freezer)
  • We currently make 33 different shapes and sizes and paint our designs in all these same 33 options
  • Each piece is truly artisanal by nature and as such, small variances in size, color and artwork should be expected and appreciated

Product description

Nejma means "star" in Arabic. Wanting to create a design with the predominant color being a bright red with a geometric basis, what resulted is the most intricate and difficult design we have ever made but certainly worth the effort. Sit back and imagine a heavenly table set sumptuously with Nejma and appreciate the freehand painting by our stars, the artists of Le Souk Ceramique. The Le Souk Ceramique studio is located in Nabeul, Tunisia on the Mediterranean coast with US headquarters and distribution in Clinton, Washington State.