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James Sadler Horseguards Teapot, Fine China

by Churchill China
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Product description

James sadler was founded in 1882 in burslem, stoke-on-trent, the heart of the british pottery industry. The first teapots were made using red clay with a dark brown glazed surface. The rockingham brown (or brown betty as it is affectionately known) is still available today although most of the production is now made from the more elegant white clay. The teapot came to europe following the import of tea from china. Some of the earliest teapots were made from metal, usually silver, as tea was at that time an expensive luxury. It was not until the late 1680's that the elers brothers from amsterdam, who had been silversmith's, settled near burslem and applied their art to clay. In the early 18th century queen anne was taking tea made in earthenware teapots and perhaps discussing battle plans with her great general marlborough. For the next century the art of the potter continued to improve and north staffordshire became the centre for britain's pottery industry. By the middle of the 19th century, burslem was established as the teapot centre of the pottery towns churchill can trace its origins back to 1795 and the foundation of its first factory in the heart of stoke-on-trent in staffordshire, england. With over 200 years experience churchill's craftsmen have established a worldwide reputation for producing quality tableware and gifts, selling to over 50 countries worldwide.

James Sadler Teapots - Shakespeares Cottage

by Staffordshire China
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  • Made of fine bone china
  • holds 2 cups, approx (20 oz)
  • High Quality

Product description

Made of fine bone china, this beautiful teapot featuring Shakespeare's Cottage is from James Sadler's Castles and Cottages collection. The collectible teapot features beautiful detail and is an elegant depiction of the esteemed playwright's birthplace. The building is now a museum owned and managed by Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Teapot holds 2 cups (about 20oz). Not recommended for dishwasher or microwave use.

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British Teapots and Coffee Pots

British Teapots and Coffee Pots

Published by Osprey Publishing 2015

ISBN 0747806349,9780747806349
48 pages

ABOUT THE BOOK From the elegant to the quirky, teapots and coffee pots come in a range of styles and designs and are among the most familiar household items. Both decorative and easily displayed, they are very collectable and can be relatively inexpensive. In this book, Steven Goss charts their development over a period of three hundred years, providing information on the materials used in their manufacture, influential factories and designers, and a guide to dating the many different styles. * In the eighteenth century a pound of tea could cost more than a week's wages for a skilled craftsman. * Early coffee pots often have handles set at a right angle to the spout. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Steven Goss has been involved in the antiques trade for more than twenty-five years as a full-time...

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