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Happy Sales 32 oz Clear Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Teapot & Stainless Steel Infuser for loose tea

by Happy Sales
Price: $20.01 Buy Now

  • 32 oz. Capacity
  • Happy Sales glass teapot is made of heat resistant, lead-free lab grade borosilicate glass.
  • Includes stainless steel infuser for making loose leaf tea.

Product description

Happy Sales 32 oz glass teapot is made from heatproof borosilicate glass which is the perfect material for handling hot liquids like boiling water as it is very similar to test tube glass. The teapot is dishwasher safe, but to avoid being knocked around or getting hit or damaged in the dishwasher, we recommend gently rinsing it out after use with some soapy water to keep it like new. Remember to keep your finger on the lid while pouring as this teapot. The premium borosilicate glass is guaranteed against ever becoming cloudy even after years of use!

Glass Teapot Kettle with Stainless Steel Infuser - Stovetop Safe - Blooming and Loose Leaf Tea - Large Capacity 1200ml/40oz

by NestAbove
Price: $30.99 Buy Now

  • STURDY THICK BOROSILICATE GLASS - With its high quality glass and stainless steel infuser you feel confident when handling.
  • EFFICIENT USE - It has a no mess easy pour with a no drip spout and a lid that won't fall off when tipping over. It can easily brew up to 5 cups with its 40oz capacity.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE - You don't have to take time out of your busy schedule to wash dishes.

Product description

Nest Above's Sturdy Easy Pour Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser


- Keep your tea time hassle free with the lid that will not fall off when tipping over to pour the tea.
- Loose Leaf, Tea Bags, and Blooming Tea can be used in the infuser.
- Large 40oz capacity can hold up to 5 cups for gathering with friends or family.

Heat Resistant

- Can be placed directly on the stovetop or used in the microwave after removing the stainless steel infuser and lid.

Dishwasher Safe

- Time saving by providing easy cleanup.

Nest Above's No Worries Guarantee is that if you are unhappy for any reason, we will give you a 100% refund.

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When you have an addiction to salt and pepper shakers, you can't shake it off 07/19/15, via Washington Post

and do what so many of them pretended to their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren that they wouldn't do: buy more. “As you can see, our group is getting older,” says Kam Masarsky of For most, it starts with a set as a gift, like the


Antiques & Collectibles: 06/26/15, via Post-Bulletin

The displays are like walking from one fantasy into another. Flowers everywhere with trellis and fence pieces with other related items. There is an outdoor display area with fountains and yard glass decorations, a kitchen area, home decor with wall art


New York Magazine

New York Magazine


100 pages

New York magazine was born in 1968 after a run as an insert of the New York Herald Tribune and quickly made a place for itself as the trusted resource for readers across the country. With award-winning writing and photography covering everything from politics and food to theater and fashion, the magazine's consistent mission has been to reflect back to its audience the energy and excitement of the city itself, while celebrating New York as both a place and an idea.

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When you have an addiction to salt and pepper shakers, you can't shake it off - Washington Post

They don’t say the number as if it’s impressive. Here at the Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers Club Convention, that’s about average. Nearly 200 collectors from five countries had packed their shakers in suitcases and Tupperware, pulled fistfuls of cash from their shaker-savings accounts and convened at a Crystal City Hilton for their 30th annual gathering. “They’re insane but very welcoming, really a slice of Americana,” says Barbara Cummings, who organized the event. “Great people, just the salt of the earth. The convention — which came to Washington this past weekend, the same weekend as hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa — officially lasts three days. But anyone who is serious (and oh, they are serious) arrives a week early. The group booked three floors of the hotel: for selling, more than sleeping. The beds are covered in shakers. Everything, in the most literal way: If it is a thing you can imagine, there is a shaker shaped like it. The collectors are here to show them off, share where they found them (“Buried at the Salvation Army, can you believe it. ”) and do what so... “As you can see, our group is getting older,” says Kam Masarsky of Alexandria as she walks down the hallway where her husband lost his hearing aid. “So a lot of people, they’re trying to downsize. “Downsize” is a relative term when people have 10 or 20 or 40,000 salt and pepper shakers lining shelves throughout the house. For most, it starts with a set as a gift, like the ugly teapots. Their children, not thinking about who will have to inherit the shakers one day, buy them as gifts. Soon, it’s eBay every day, thousands of dollars out the door and this hotel room filled with shakers. “We had three children,” Joyce says, explaining how she and Bill accumulated so many at their home outside Cleveland. “When you’re raising children, you don’t buy shakers, you buy shoes. But then the children move out, and the shakers don’t talk back, and the shakers don’t need to eat. Other collectors weave in and out of their room, leaning over to examine the sets from inches away. They scour a box labeled “singles” that holds shakers that have lost their mates: a doughnut without coffee, cheese without the mouse, a clown without his seal. Although most shakers sell for less than $25 per set, some are worth thousands of dollars. Bill once saw a one-of-a-kind pair shaped like “The Jetsons” go for $7,000. When the economy crashed, the price of shakers went down significantly. But other than the prices fluctuating, nothing in the shaker world has changed since the club’s first convention in 1986. The club members get together every year, have a dress-like-a-shaker costume contest and chant, “Salt and pepper, salt and... “Ooooh,” a customer says to Joyce, eyeing the Florida oranges. She is imagining them sitting in her house. Perhaps filled with salt and pepper. That is the reaction to any insinuation that a set of the tens of thousands of shakers might actually be filled with salt and pepper. Pepper stains. Salt deteriorates. In their homes, the salt and pepper shakers are lined up on custom-built shelves with glass doors to keep them from gathering dust. And if new guests say “Wow, that’s a lot of shakers. ” they might not be shown the “shaker room” or “shaker basement” or entire “shaker shack. A shaker shack is a house built especially for shakers, explains Barb Nuttall from Ontario, Canada. On the outside, hers looks like a mini version of her house. On the inside, it is painted bright yellow as a backdrop to the shakers that cover the walls. “It’s my happy place,” Barb says. “I go in there every day, and I’m just happy. It doesn’t make her happy that neither of her two sons wants anything to do with her shakers. “I have a granddaughter on the way,” she says with pride. Surely, she can make that little girl a shaker lover. Attempts to turn kids into collectors for the future preservation of the club are met with varying success. One floor down from Bill and Joyce, a 10-year old named Emma declares the whole thing “really awkward. Josh Weaver, a 34-year-old physician, looks to add to the more than 45,000-shaker-set collection he shares with his mom, Karen.

Oval Tibetan Style Alloy Synthetic Turquoise Beads, Cadmium Free & Nickel Free & Lead Free, Antique Silver, 24x13.5mm, Hole: 2mm

Jewelry Beads

Oval Tibetan Style Alloy Synthetic Turquoise Beads, Cadmium Free & Nickel Free & Lead Free, Antique Silver Size: about 13.5mm wide, 24mm long, hole: 2mm.


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Carson City Historical Society holding yard sale Saturday - 07/07/15, via Nevada Appeal

depression glass, collectibles, art and decor at Carson City Historical Society’s yard sale from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at Foreman-Roberts House Museum Park, 1207 N. Carson St. An exhibit of more than 60 teapots will be open at the same time inside ...

Potty for teapots at Bonhams - 12/13/14, via

A very rare Meissen teapot and cover, circa 1725-30, once in the famed von Klemperer Collection of Meissen porcelain, was sold in the Fine European Ceramics and Glass sale on 26 November. Carrying a pre-sale estimate of £30,000-50,000, it achieved £ ...


In production for nearly a thousand years in the same place, Yixing wares only came into artistic prominence in the later Ming dynasty, when it was adopted by the scholar class as a suitable material for teapots and thence for other items for the scholar's ...


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No Stamp Act Teapot
No Stamp Act Teapot
This teapot was made in England about 1766-1770, possibly by the Cockpit Hill Factory, Derby, England. Inscribed on one side of the teapot is “No Stamp Act” and on the other is “America, Liberty Restored,” both within flowerheads and stylized scrolling leaftips in black. The cover is painted with a matching border. Teapots such as this were made for sale to the American market soon after the 1766 repeal of the hated Stamp Act, passed by the British Parliament on March 22, 1765. The Stamp Act required American colonists to pay a tax on all printed materials—from documents to playing cards. This was the first direct tax on the American colonies and provoked an immediate and violent response throughout the colonies. The Stamp Act and ensuing Stamp Act Crisis were crucial to the shaping of the political landscape in the U.S. According to historian Gordon Wood, the colonists’ response to the Stamp Act emphasized “the suffrage itself as a basic prerequisite of representation—an...
Seated man looking at a recling woman, detail of the side A of the Portland Vase. Cameo-glass, probably made in Italy ca. 5-25 AD
Seated man looking at a recling woman, detail of the side A of the Portland Vase. Cameo-glass, probably made in Italy ca. 5-25 AD
The most famous cameo-glass vessel from antiquity The scenes on the Portland Vase have been interpreted many times with a historical or a mythological slant. It is enough to say that the subject is clearly one of love and marriage with a mythological theme. The ketos (sea-snake) places it in a marine setting. It may have been made as a wedding gift. It is not known exactly where and when the vase was found. It is recorded as being seen in 1601 when it was in the collection of Cardinal del Monte in Italy. After the cardinal's death it was bought by the Barberini family where it remained for 150 years. Eventually, in 1778, it was purchased by Sir William Hamilton, British Ambassador at the Court of Naples. He brought it to England and sold it to Margaret, dowager Duchess of Portland, less than two years later, in 1784. In 1786 it came into the hands of her son, the third Duke of Portland, and it was he who lent it to Josiah Wedgwood, who made it famous through various copies. It was...
Photo by Following Hadrian on Flickr
old stuff
old stuff
Photo by Wrote on Flickr
Best Glass Teapots for Sale
Best Glass Teapots for Sale
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