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AWHOME Bone China Teapot Vintage Royal Style Red Floral -4 Cup

by floris
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  • Multiple colors, beautiful flowers, lovely birds, the blue ocean is tie-in,Enjoy the nice afternoon tea
  • Classic,collection ,decoration ,Luxurious gold trim(in your kitchen has been the most eye-catching, any tea party can't resist the temptation of)
  • Transport safety. The packaging is very solid, very good foam barrier(Manufacturer Money Back Guarantee - If you're ever unsatisfied with this product or any of our other products, please contact us and we'll either send you a replacement or refund!)

Product description

AWHOME;Have a warm home The spring comes and peach blossoms are all open,Have a blue sea, gold decoration, such a beautiful picture in this unique teapot ,Our porcelain teaware is great for tea parties and kids parties too. This collection is dishwasher safe but we don't recommend the microwave. Bone China originally called bone porcelain, bone China for short. The so-called bone porcelain, is bone powder and mixture of quartz porcelain clay, light weight, creamy white. Will China placed under the lights, faint light

Teabox Moonset Teapot - Alice Blue (Fine bone china, Microwave safe, 50.7 fl oz)

by Teabox
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  • Heat-lock design to keep tea hot. Lightweight and with a comfortable grip.
  • It's glossy, light, and looks good enough for anything from a cosy tea for two to a lavish afternoon tea.
  • Can be safely used in microwaves, dishwashers, ovens and refrigerators.

Product description

Fine teas deserve the perfect accessories to enhance your experience and enjoyment of it. With its fluid design, elegant outline and glossy finish, the Moonset teapot certainly makes your tea time more enjoyable. With this high-quality, fine china teapot, we wish you many memorable moments over tea.

Gio Teapot


Wedgwood's Gio collection is a contemporary range of stylish white fine bone china with a distinctive Intaglio texture created for the modern home. Both dishwasher and microwave safe, this collection is designed for everyday dining, with shapes and serveware also ideal for sharing food "tapas style." Create your perfect tea story with the Gio Teapot, ideal for breakfast, tea or dessert.


Vera Moderne Teapot


The innate classicism of the Vera Wang aesthetic is celebrated in the rich platinum detailing of Vera Moderne formal dinnerware. This chic fine bone china collection is updated for today's bride with a geometric eyelet pattern evolving the fastidious workmanship of Vera Wang bridal couture.