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Gracie China by Coastline Imports 4-Piece Porcelain Tea for One, Stacked Teapot Cup Saucer, Blue Cottage Rose Chintz

by Gracie China by Coastline Imports
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  • Porcelain teapot, cup, saucer, together these measure 7-inch by 6-3/4-inch by 6-3/4-inch
  • Blue cottage rose chintz with gold trim
  • Not safe in microwave

Product description

Gracie China's Rose Chintz Collection, by Coastline Imports, is lovely porcelain which can complement the kitchen, dining and living room. Four Piece Tea For One, Stacked Teapot and Cup with Scallop Edge Saucer. Blue Cottage Rose Chintz with Gold Trim.

ufengkeHand-Painted Pink Flower Bone China English Tea Set Tea Service Coffee Cup

by Ufingo
Price: $56.00 Buy Now

  • Color:white and pink
  • Pattern:pink flower
  • Size:teapot:14 x 19 x 10cm, tea cup: 7 x 8.5cm

Product description

this ceramic product is well packed with foam and hard cartoon, we will responsible for all the damage problems happened on the shipping way,if you receive the product in damaged condition, please contact with us in 24 hours to get new replacement or refund.

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Tea Tuesdays: The Evolution Of Tea Sets From Ancient Legend To Modern Biometrics 04/14/15, via NPR

These first teapots, James Norwood Pratt writes in A Tea Lover's Treasury, came from the Yi-Xing region of China and were soon copied throughout the world. Japanese potters moved the handle from the side to the top of the teapot. As English potters


Paul Loebach creates tea set with laboratory glass 05/10/15, via Dezeen

"I was approached by a manufacturer to design an affordable mass-produced teapot using a particular factory that specialised in laboratory glass," Loebach told . "I wanted the aesthetic of the teapot to be true to the material and speak to the

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Montgomery Ward Catalogue of 1895

Montgomery Ward Catalogue of 1895

Published by Courier Corporation

ISBN 0486155293,9780486155296

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Tea Tuesdays: The Evolution Of Tea Sets From Ancient Legend To Modern Biometrics - NPR

People have been drinking tea for so long that its origin story is rooted in mythology: More than 4,700 years ago, one popular version of the story goes, a legendary Chinese emperor and cultural hero named Shennong (his name means "divine... By the 4th century B. C. , as Jamie Shallock writes in his book Tea , the beverage had become part of everyday life in China — though in a very different form than we might recognize today. As the culture surrounding tea has changed through the centuries, so, too, have the tools we use to drink it. From the first dainty tea bowls to the mugs people use to warm themselves with a cup of tea today, tea sets have changed to meet cultural... Before 1500. The first tea leaves weren't drunk in loose form. To prepare tea, early drinkers had to tear off a piece of the compressed brick (often stamped with intricate patterns, and so valuable that it could be used in lieu of currency), roast it and tear it into even smaller pieces. According to Rupert Faulkner's book Tea: East & West , by the Song Dynasty (960-1279), tea had moved into a powdered form that could be set in a cup and whipped into the boiling water poured onto it. This whipped tea is most commonly associated... A proper tea service could include 25 objects, according to Lu Yu, whose seminal 8th century book, The Classic of Tea, is the authority for early drinking habits. But the most important of these was the tea bowl. By the 1500s, powdered and whipped tea had given way to steeped tea, which came in the form of rolled leaves rather than bricks. This necessitated the invention and use of the teapot as we know it today. These first teapots, James Norwood Pratt writes in A Tea Lover's Treasury, came from the Yi-Xing region of China and were soon copied throughout the world. Japanese potters moved the handle from the side to the top of the teapot. Tea finally reached Europe in the 1600s, along with the necessary tea wares manufactured in Japan and China. As English potters began to adapt the tea set to their countrymen's tastes, they eventually added a handle to the tea bowl to protect fingers from the transmission of heat through the delicate porcelain. According to Steeped in History, edited by Beatrice Hohenegger , this "became necessary because of the British habit of drinking hot black tea, which is consumed at higher temperatures than Chinese green. " The English based the new design off existing large, handled mugs and containers used for hot beverages. The size of teacups also grew to accommodate the English taste for milk and sugar in their tea. "In England, tea bowls were still being made as late as 1800," she tells The Salt. By the early 1900s, innovations in tea drinking became an American affair. The most revolutionary was the tea bag, which was accidentally commercialized by a tea merchant named Thomas Sullivan. He had been sending customers tea wrapped in silk, and rather than take the leaves out of the bag, as Sullivan intended, the customers put the bags into their teapots instead. According to Faulkner, not only did the tea bags push the teapot back to the sidelines of tea service, they were too large for teacups and ushered in the modern practice of drinking tea from large mugs. Today's designers are thinking up ways to integrate technology into our tea. The tea set – which is still far from commercial use — responds to and collects biometric data from the user, including heart rate, breathing rate and even sweat production. From bowls to biosensors, the tea set has come a long way.

Source: www.npr.org
The New York Times Company Store
Shakespeare Tea For One From Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days Enamels

Made from fine bone china, this enchanting teapot or tea-for-one set is the ultimate collectors souvenir. The teapot features a portrait of William Shakespeare in front of the Globe Theatre. The teacup displays illustrative renditions of Romeo & Juliet & A Midsummer Nights Dream with a checkerboard trimmed saucer beneath. Cup measures 126mm x 104mm. Saucer measures 169mm x 22mm. Wash with damp cloth and soap. Dishwasher safe, but not recommended. Made in England. Collections are presented in sophisticated iconic blue and gold packaging in beautiful Halcyon Days archive print gift boxes. In keeping with traditional manufacturing techniques engaged for English enameling, Halcyon Days continues with its hand-made in England philosophy for its Fine Bone China collections. All fine bone china pieces are crafted and decorated exclusively for Halcyon Days in Stoke-on-Trent, at the heart of where this most English of industries is resurgent. Halcyon Days, founded in 1950 is a lifestyle brand known for outstanding enamel craft and collections of luxury goods. Halcyon Days has an established relationship with The Royal Household and has the prestigious honor of holding all three royal warrants as supplier of objets dart. No discounts or coupon codes apply.


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BonJour Dinnerware Fruitful Nectar Teacup and Saucer Set

Home & Outdoor

Tea for two is even more enjoyable when served with the beautiful BonJour Dinnerware Fruitful Nectar Porcelain Teacup and Saucer Set. Crafted from durable porcelain to provide years of dining and entertaining, this heirloom-quality tea set includes two teacups featuring elegant silver and bronze floral and hummingbird motifs, and two saucers graced with soft aqua borders. Pairing perfectly with the Fruitful Nectar teapot, the tea set is ideal for serving hot English breakfast tea during brunch with the family or for presenting fragrant lemon yerba mate tea at an afternoon social gathering. Blending exquisite style with contemporary convenience, the teacups and saucers are safe for the microwave and dishwasher. This lovely porcelain tea set is the perfect complement to the sugar and creamer set, and other BonJour Fruitful Nectar dinnerware and serveware pieces.


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Ashes 2015 England v/s Australia 3rd Test Day 3: England go 2-1 up with 8 wicket win - 07/31/15, via Daily News and Analysis

Weather looks fine for now and the situation is in favour of the English side ... Joe Root and Ian Bell are well set, with the latter making 57 not out. England will like to finish the match off before tea. 18:54 IST Friday, 31 July 2015 OUT!

Live Cricket Score England vs Australia, The Ashes 2015, 3rd Test at Edgbaston, Day 3 ENG 124/2: England take 2-1 lead - 07/31/15, via Cricket Country

Hosts England will be relishing the thought of bowling Australia out once again for a lowly total to set themselves a modest target ... there will be no tea break as England finish off the game with eight wickets in hand. They take a 2-1 lead in this ...

A Modern-Day Slave: “He Pretended He Loved Me; He Just Wanted Money” - 07/31/15, via BuzzFeed

He told her he loved her and promised to help her set up a new modelling business ... for all – came into force. Her mug of tea shaking in her fragile hands, Emma slowly recounts her experience in faltering English. “He pretended he loved me and ...


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Vintage 1950s Palissy 'Regatta' coffee set
Vintage 1950s Palissy 'Regatta' coffee set
Photo by H is for Home on Flickr
Jan Bunyan pottery collection
Jan Bunyan pottery collection
The pewter tea pot is from a local charity shop. All the pottery is by Jan Bunyan, who is a fine English potter. We love her rustic feel and strong colours and we are collecting them little by little... The rug is from a street market in Amsterdam. The tomatoes are from the greengrocer in Hinchley Wood, Surrey !!
Photo by Kotomi_ on Flickr
Tea Set
Tea Set
Photo by Accidental Hedonist on Flickr
Summer Bloom English Bone China Tea Set
Summer Bloom English Bone China Tea Set
English Teapot Sets
English Teapot Sets
english teapot set
english teapot set

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