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Calypso Basics by Reston Lloyd Enamel-on-Steel Teakettle, 2-Quart, White

by Calypso Basics
List price: $28.00 Price: $26.35 Buy Now

  • Even heat distribution; looks great on your stove
  • Gas or electric stove compatible; hand wash recommended
  • Teakettle made of heavy gauge porcelain on steel for a beautiful look in white; 2-quart capacity

Product description

Reston Lloyd was founded in 1972 by Ms. Rita Bolle, and has remained a women owned company for over 40 years. The headquarters are located in sterling, Virginia where the 40,000 square foot warehouse, is the main distribution center for its customers. Reston Lloyd produces high quality enamel on steel kitchen, melamine, and acrylic accessories to produce Corelle coordinates as well as their private brand Calypso Basics. In addition, rest on Lloyd is the exclusive distributor for both Romertopf and MAWA, which are home & kitchen products from Germany. These high end quality products are one of the corner stones to rest on Lloyd, who focus on quality merchandise from Germany. This Harvest teakettle is made of heavy gauge porcelain on steel. It is non-fading and chip resistant. The handle is heat resistant and folds down for easy filling and cleaning. By using a teakettle you will experience even heat distribution which cannot be found with the use of a microwave. Hand wash recommended. Teakettle measures 6 1/4"D x 8 1/4"H and holds approximately 7-8 cups.

Abbott Collection Enamel Look Stoneware Teapot, Green (Tall)

Price: $48.00 Buy Now

  • Measures 8" tall and holds 36 oz.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe stoneware
  • Add some vintage flair to your kitchen

Product description

Inspired by vintage enamelware and old-fashioned tin cups and dishes, our stoneware version is perfect in any kitchen year round. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Daily Sabah

Copper pots: old but functional cookware fall into oblivion 08/14/15, via Daily Sabah

Copper is also preferable over other traditional materials like cast iron or enamel pots and pans in that it is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to be safe on top of the stove. It is a durable metal and hygienic, as it does not rust or corrode. In

WA today

Savvy shopper: Room rescue 07/18/15, via WA today

ON TABLE; Enamel blue Falcon teapot, $29 and ceramic red and white stripe milk bottle, $19 from Scout House. Hexagon brass pot, $79 from Norsu. Vintage green trunk (see right), $300 from Nook Vintage. Pink pompom cushion (see right), $49 from Arro 

Ten Things - Japanese Enamel Teapot


The way of tea: simplicity and harmony. Conduct your own tea ceremony with this elegant Japanese enamel teapot.


Russian enamels

Russian enamels

Published by Philip Wilson Pub Ltd 1996

ISBN 085667446X,9780856674464
208 pages

Within the late tenth century, Kiev produced enamelled liturgical and some secular objects that adhered to Byzantine traditions. During the course of the 17th century the Kremlin Armoury in Moscow and various northern trading centres emerged as major bases for the manufacture of both liturgical and secular enamels while the key to the programme of westernization initiated by Peter the Great in the early 18th century was the attraction of foreign artisans who brought their own techniques to the new capital of St. Petersburg. The nineteenth century closed with a dichotomy of styles: classicizing, courtly traditions that flourished in St. Petersburg, all of which were demonstrated in the art of the pre-eminent master, Carl Faberge. However, Moscow served as the heart of the Russian revival...

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Copper pots: old but functional cookware fall into oblivion - Daily Sabah

Many years ago, as we were moving out of one apartment building into another, the landlady of our old building sent a message. The apartment building we were leaving was scheduled for demolition, making room for a spanking new building. The attic of the apartment building was chockablock with old appliances, kitchen equipment, sinks and other household goods. There were old electric ovens, fans, sinks and lanterns, but what caught our eye were a large number of dark grey, almost black, pots and pans. Glimpsing the pattern made by small hammers, hammers used to beat the metal flat and then to give it shape, we knew that these were copper pots and pans that had been tinned, and then left to the dust and dark of the attic. Among these were old kettles, water heaters, trays, large flat bowls for mixing dough and cooking pots. This was many years ago, and I must confess that these tarnished pots and pans were left to much the same fate in a cupboard in our new kitchen. It had to be done by someone we could trust, and carrying large numbers of pots and pans was more than we could face at that time. the grey, black dusty vessels now gleam in the sun, inviting one to come and cook. My favorites are the rounded pots with the simple but aesthetically pleasing lids. They are unlike the sleek French pots and pans. These round pots are homey, suggesting a casserole to feed a family, or enough stuffed peppers to please everyone. The Turkish pots and pans are extremely functional, but the shine of their rounded bellies is no less glamorous than the flat French crepe pans. Curious about the different styles and different uses of copper in pots and pans, I decided to do some research about the history of copper in the kitchen. Copper is a material that has been used in cooking vessels for thousands of years. Copper artifacts dating back to 9,000 B. C. have been found in the Middle East. It is interesting that soon after the discovery of copper, metallurgical processes for tin and bronze started to appear, making the copper more durable. Apparently, ancient Egyptians used copper to make water and oil storage vessels. it is thought that the antibacterial properties of copper were well understood in the ancient world. By the early 1800s, people realized that copper was a good insulator and was also a superconducting material. Copper is an essential trace mineral present in every tissue of the human body. Copper helps the body form red blood vessels and helps us maintain healthy nerves, immune system and bones. Copper is present in a many foods, such as shellfish, whole grains, dried fruit and dark leafy greens. As a metal to be used in cooking utensils, copper is lighter than cast-iron and conducts heat much better. copper conducts heat five times better than iron and 20 times better than stainless steel. In fact, the superior heat conductivity means that precise temperatures can be reached using a copper pot or pan. This also means that by changing the intensity of the flame, it is possible to instantly change the temperature of the copper pot, and thus achieve great results. As the copper loses its heat when the pot or pan is removed from the heat, the food stops cooking, unlike pots and pans made out of other materials. Also, the thermal conductivity of copper means that there is an even heat distribution over the surface of the pan. That is, food on the edges of the pan cooks as fast as that in the middle. Chefs use copper pots and pans to prepare intricate and delicate food that requires strictly controlled temperatures. Some sauces require constant stirring in a pot made from other materials. in a copper pot, you can be more cavalier, ignoring the sauce a bit more. All this means that not only does copper give better results, it also uses less energy to attain these results. Copper is green" in that it has optimal conductivity, and the heat accumulation allows the chef to save a great deal of energy. In addition, copper is 100 percent recyclable and renewable. Another advantage of copper is its aesthetic nature. Copper is also preferable over other traditional materials like.

Source: www.dailysabah.com
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Lacquered Red/Silver Cast Iron Nara Teapot 40 Oz

Home & Outdoor

OI1244: Features: -Teapot-Material: Cast iron-Exterior material: Painted-Interior material: Porcelain enameled-Heat retaining property-Stainless steel infuser-Black porcelain enamel interior coating-For brewing and serving tea-Rinse out with warm water and hand dry-Capacity: 40 Ounce. Includes: -Infuser included. Color/Finish: -Red and silver finish. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 8" H x 8" W x 10" D.


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Tetsubin Amity Teapot - Color: Red

Health & Beauty

OI1306: Features: -Teapot-Material: Cast iron-Interior material: Powder coated enameled-Bring warmth and style to any table with this two-tone blue trivet-Stainless steel infuser-Rinse out with warm water and hand dry-Capacity: 26 Ounce. Includes: -Infuser included. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 6" H x 8.5" W x 7.5" D.


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14 famous people who love a classic British cuppa - 08/05/15, via Mirror

Its tannin has been shown to increase tooth enamel’s acid resistance and slow the growth of ... “I found Yorkshire tea at Myers of Keswick on Hudson Street, NY. "Teapot and 1953 coronation cup... Aah tea.”

Masterpieces from the Hermitage: Legacy of Catherine the Great opens at National Gallery of Victoria - 07/30/15, via Sydney Morning Herald

The cameos, the silver and enamel teapots speak of an individual rather than an art movement. As Hermitage opens to the public, curator Maria Menshikova looks fondly through the glass at a fragile mirror and a tiny, crab-shaped, gold compact in her care.

10 Easy Pieces: Classic Teakettles - 02/18/15, via homes.yahoo.com

Japanese Enamel Tea Kettle | Remodelista Above ... Above: Alexa and Francesca both swear by the Staub Theiere Teapot, available in black cast iron as well as a range of enameled jewel-like colors (cherry, basil, grenadine, aubergine); $164.99 at Amazon.


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Vintage enamel teapot
Vintage enamel teapot
Photo by H is for Home on Flickr
vintage enamel teapot
vintage enamel teapot
Photo by H is for Home on Flickr
Vintage enamel kettle
Vintage enamel kettle
Photo by H is for Home on Flickr
Beautiful Blue Enamel Teapot made by Glider, Czechoslovakia.
Beautiful Blue Enamel Teapot made by Glider, Czechoslovakia.
Home > Enamelware Teapot - Red
Home > Enamelware Teapot - Red
Image by howkapow.com
Red Enamel Teapot - 02
Red Enamel Teapot - 02
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