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Ovente KG83 Series 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle, Black

by DAFI by Ruby Compass
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  • 1.5L borosilicate glass cordless electric kettle with 110/120V, 1100-watt power that boils water 85-percent more efficient than stovetop kettle
  • Comfortable and ergonomically designed stay-cool handle for easy filling, and pouring of water
  • Automatic shut off function upon boiling; Additional safety feature: boil dry protection which automatically shuts off the kettle when turned on when no water is in the carafe

Product description

The Ovente KG83 Series is an elegantly designed glass electric kettle that looks great on any kitchen or countertops. With 1.5 liter water capacity and 1100-watt of power -- this electric kettle can quickly bring water to a rolling boil. It is proven to be 85 percent more efficient than stovetop kettle that can reduce your daily electricity use. The kettle has a concealed water heating element, so there is no build-up of objectionable mineral deposits, flip-back lid for convenient filling or cleaning, a /washable spout filter to ensure the purest results and durable and stain resistant high borosilicate glass body. For safety purposes, this kettle is equipped with automatic shut-off, boil-dry protection, secure locking lid, power on indicator light, cool touch button and comfortable stay-cool handle. Comes with a 30-inch cord that wraps neatly into the base for easy storage. Kettle approximately measures 8 x 6 x 9.3 Inch and comes with 1-year limited manufacturer warranty. To use the kettle, simply fill it with water at the sink up to desired amount using the water-level indicator, and push the steam switch button down. This kettle heats fast, approximately 5-6 minutes (at maximum level) and delivers boiling water almost instantly, in a matter of minutes hot water will be ready to use for instant coffee, tea, hot cereal, oatmeal or even a box of macaroni. For more information about proper handling and cleaning of kettle Please refer to the instruction manual.

Hamilton Beach 40865 Glass Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter

by Hamilton Beach
List price: $29.00 Price: $26.54 Buy Now

  • Cord-free serving
  • Wide opening for easy cleaning,The modern soft blue illumination in the glass kettle along with a brushed, stainless steel base is compact, space-saving and looks great on the kitchen counter.
  • Built-in mesh filter,Dimensions (inches): 9.88 H x 8.63 W x 6.25 D

Product description

With 1500 watts and automatic shutoff, the Hamilton Beach 1.7 Glass Electric Kettle is fasterthan a microwave and safer than a stovetop kettle. The soft blue illumination along with a brushed, stainless steel base looks great on the kitchen counter.

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Kathy YL Chan and Her Coveted Tea, Never to Be Brewed 08/31/15, via New York Times

From her family she learned to drink tea “grandpa style”: loose leaves in a glass, into which you keep pouring water. “Your teeth are the filter,” she said. Now she supplies tea to restaurants like Eleven Madison Park, where one of her finds, 'A'a

Coveted tea, never to be brewed 09/04/15, via Taipei Times

And so she safeguards it in the kitchen of her East Village apartment, amid her considerable arsenal of teaware, including fine-spined whisks; long, skinny bamboo scoops and short, hand-hammered brass ones curved like thumbnails; a Korean teapot with a

Details Royal Dual Stainless Steel Electric Kettle and Glass Tea Maker Tray Gi Top List


Kitchen Unique Imports Royal Dual Stainless Steel Electric Kettle and Glass Tea Maker Tray Gi For More Information Please Check .


Time, Consumption and Everyday Life

Time, Consumption and Everyday Life

Published by Berg 2009

ISBN 9781847885937,1847885934
256 pages

Has material civilization spun out of control, becoming too fast for our own well-being and that of the planet? This book confronts these anxieties and examines the changing rhythms and temporal organization of everyday life. How do people handle hurriedness, burn-out and stress? Are slower forms of consumption viable? This volume brings together international experts from geography, sociology, history, anthropology and philosophy. In case studies covering the United States, Asia and Europe, contributors follow routines and rhythms, their emotional and political dynamics and show how they are anchored in material culture and everyday practice. Running themes of the book are questions of coordination and disruption; cycles and seasons; and the interplay between power and freedom, and...

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Coveted tea, never to be brewed - Taipei Times

A year ago, a member of a private tea society in Shanghai presented Kathy YL Chan with a small box as slender as a cigarette case. Inside were four tiles of highly prized pu-erh tea, conjoined like a chocolate bar and almost black, twined with green and ocher. Chan, 29, who writes about tea and advises restaurants, hotels and companies on tea offerings, had mostly encountered pu-erh in the form of dense, mulchy rounds (bing cha in Mandarin), each with a crater at the center, like flattened volcanoes. The delicate box seemed a secret missive from “a darker, cooler world,” she said — what she calls, only half jokingly, the “underbelly” of tea. The pu-erh within, from Menghai in China’s southwestern Yunnan province, near the Burmese border, was too precious to drink, Chan decided. a Korean teapot with a straight side handle. a ceramic bowl, or chawan, for frothing matcha, a Japanese green tea. and a paring-size knife for breaking off pieces of pu-erh, should she one day feel that she can wait no longer. When Chan was growing up in Honolulu, tea was “not a big deal,” she said — just something that everyone in her family drank “all day, all night. ” Her parents heeded the traditional Chinese belief that cold water is bad for the body and always kept an electric thermos of hot water on hand. From her family she learned to drink tea “grandpa style:” loose leaves in a glass, into which you keep pouring water. Now she supplies tea to restaurants like Eleven Madison Park, where one of her finds, ‘A’a black tea from the Big Island of Hawaii, is priced at US$65 for a rarefied, ritual Chinese tableside preparation. (This was the most expensive tea on the menu until it was recently outstripped by a vintage 1960s pu-erh. Sometimes Chan slips the box of pu-erh into her suitcase as a good-luck charm when she travels. The last year has taken her from the hillsides of Haleakala on Maui to the tea fields of Uji outside Kyoto, Japan. In the winter, she braved a landslide to ascend Kunlu Mountain in Yunnan, paying homage to wild pu-erh trees, some nearly a millennium old. Like Champagne, pu-erh is a protected geographical designation. the Chinese government has mandated that only tea grown in Yunnan can be labeled pu-erh. Chan once met a collector who stood his tea cakes upright, unbrewed and undrunk, in a china cabinet, like Delft china. Of her own untouched pu-erh, Chan admitted, “I want to drink it. ” She smiled. “But I’d rather keep it as a reminder of how deep the world of tea is. ”.

Source: www.taipeitimes.com
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Krups FL7 Glass Tea Kettle


A Krups 2-in-1 tea infuser machine and traditional electric kettle for brewing the perfect cup of tea.


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Teaology Fiore Borosilicate Blooming Teapot and Glass Set

Home & Outdoor

From Teaology comes an incredible new line of tea accessories that make a bold statement. Made of durable, heat resistant, mouth-blown borosilicate glass of the finest quality, the Infuso is the perfect tea brewing set. Our design is popular with flower blossom tea such as chrysanthemum blooming tea. Borosilicate glass is stronger than common glass. It is shatter-resistant and resistant to high heat. It is the same glass used in making beakers, test tubes and other chemistry equipment. Avoid the aftertaste and flavor you get from plastic and metal kettles. This set comes with a beautiful all-glass teapot, kettle warmer base with tea light and a set of 6 Luna50 Teacups. The teapot is perfect for pouring hot water or make your own blooming tea. It can be used on gas, electric, and coil type stove tops. It is lead free glass. It comes with a match borosilicate glass warmer base with metal plate insert and a starter tea light. The double-walled design of each Luna50 glass insulates drinks at their ideal temperature and suspends drinks with a unique floating effect. The glass is condensation free and does not get hot to the touch when filled with hot beverages. This set includes 6 of these Luna50 glasses. The glassware is dishwasher, microwave (excluding metal plate) and freezer safe. Teapot measures 8 wide with handle and spout x 5 and 5 tall. 600ml/20oz volume. Each glass measures 2.5 wide and 1.5 tall and has a volume of 50ml. Note: We also offer Luna glasses in a larger 80ml size in other listings.


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Timeless European design, our most popular teapot, heat up and brew your tea all in the same piece! 34 ounce capacity. SIMAX products are made out of 3.3 borosilicate glass, which is the same type used in science labs. SIMAX glassware does not leech any ...

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Description Of The Direct-Fire Glass Teapot High Borosilicate Glass Bakelite Handle /Ceramic Handle/Stainless Steel Handle Plastic /Ceramic/Stainless Steel Lid Soft Filter (201)/Hard Filter(304) Capacity:600ml-2200ml Decal Can Design By Your Idea Packing ...


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If you don't dance, you hate your parents
If you don't dance, you hate your parents
On her last day here, Devon and I created a little home studio with some lights and a bedsheet. Most of them don't look very studio-ish but this one kind of does. It was a lot of fun, we used heaps of my props (I have a lot, I don't know why...) and just messed around with them. P.S. Did not pee on the floor, we used a green teapot as a prop and it happened to still have tea in it, so... it went all down my front. Facebook: www.facebook.com/uppyphoto
Photo by UppyPhoto on Flickr
Electric kettle as the water 'otter, a big brown Brown Betty, and the glass-and-green French Press for that Other kind of tea (yanno, the kind made from the toasted and ground seeds of the caffia arabica cherry).
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even more minimal desk
even more minimal desk
Featured on unclutterer on 5/4/12: unclutterer.com/2012/05/04/workspace-of-the-week-personal...
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Electric Glass Hot Water Kettle
Electric Glass Hot Water Kettle
Electric Glass Teapot
Electric Glass Teapot