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Fox Run Brands Earthenware Teapot, 37-Ounce, Brown

by Fox Run Craftsmen
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  • Brown Ceramic Teapot
  • Use for serving tea
  • Great gift idea

Product description

Brown earthenware Teapot from Fox Run. Designed by Peter Sadler, this traditional "brown betty" style teapot features a d-shaped opening for better lid retention while pouring. 37 oz capacity, approx. 6 teacups.

Price & Kensington Matte Earthenware Teapot, 37-Fluid Ounces, Navy Blue

by Price & Kensington
Price: $24.99 Buy Now

  • Capacity of 37-fluid ounces; Serves 6
  • Made from highly durable earthenware and sealed with a matte finish; Expertly crafted to last for years
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe; Designed in Great Britain; Imported

Product description

A fresh and light way to serve your favorite teas, the iconic Price & Kensington Blissfully Neutral range consists of stoneware teapots that serve 2 people or 6 people. The perfect companion for any tea enthusiast, the classic shape and rich colors effortlessly add a sophisticated touch to any style kitchen and the high quality craftsmanship ensures your teapot will last for years to come.

Made from highly durable fine stoneware, these teapots are dishwasher safe, microwave safe and are sealed with a matte glaze finish to preserve the rich color. Measures 8-7/8-inches long by 4-3/4-inches wide by 5-1/2-inches high with a capacity of 37-fluid ounces; serves 6.

As one of the traditional Stoke-on-Trent pottery brands, Price & Kensington is a world-renowned ceramic tableware company with a history and heritage dating back over 100 years. Rich in heritage and passionate about tabletop accessories and teapots, the Price & Kensington brand continues to flourish under family ownership.

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Houston Press

"Crafting a Continuum" is a Glorious Shopper's Hell 07/21/15, via Houston Press

The Wood piece is a Mad Hatter-esque glazed stoneware teapot, from the spout of which one might expect a tea brewed from Alice's mushroom to pour — or maybe some other mushroom, but certainly stone(d) seems appropriate for any tea party it might grace


Checking in on Pioneer Square's Girin 07/18/15, via KOMO News

If you had Brandon Kirksey's food, you know the guy is skilled when it came to Italian dishes. From scuffing his knees as part of Ethan Stowell Restaurants, such as Tavolata and Rione XIII, to then leaving Seattle for San Francisco's Flour+Water

Making a Teapot: How to at Aston Pottery

Making a cup of tea is something most people are very familiar with so its strange that most of us know little about the teapots or cups which we use. That's why.


British Teapots and Coffee Pots

British Teapots and Coffee Pots

Published by Osprey Publishing 2015

ISBN 0747806349,9780747806349
48 pages

ABOUT THE BOOK From the elegant to the quirky, teapots and coffee pots come in a range of styles and designs and are among the most familiar household items. Both decorative and easily displayed, they are very collectable and can be relatively inexpensive. In this book, Steven Goss charts their development over a period of three hundred years, providing information on the materials used in their manufacture, influential factories and designers, and a guide to dating the many different styles. * In the eighteenth century a pound of tea could cost more than a week's wages for a skilled craftsman. * Early coffee pots often have handles set at a right angle to the spout. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Steven Goss has been involved in the antiques trade for more than twenty-five years as a full-time...

Composition of Services or What's in my Spode dinner set?

Many people enquiring about their old Spode and Copeland dinner, dessert tea and coffee services ask what was in the original set. They want to know so that they can perhaps find missing pieces and match with similar new product or start searching for antique pieces. Or they may wish to recreate a setting for TV, film or the interpretation of a room in an historic house. Some guidance can be found in the Spode archive. Papers, including catalogues, detail the composition of dinner services, tea services, breakfast services, dessert services and toilet sets at some periods. or as a manufacture making and selling ware. As well as pieces for the dining room, sets of ware could be ordered for the kitchen with all sorts of items available. A range was known as 'K pans' - K is for kitchen - and these were decorated with a large black or blue K but otherwise unadorned. And for the bedroom, and later bathroom, toilet ware of all sorts too was available.

Source: Spode History

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Letavy camp has become tradition, with various curiosities - 08/04/15, via The Slovak Spectator

The biggest work of art made at Letavy was the forming and firing of a bog-sized teapot, with a diameter of 2.5 metres that needed more than half a ton of clay. It was born gradually, during a weeklong pottery workshop, and it was complete, including a lid.

Carson City Pottery offers slabbing class - 07/30/15, via Carson Now

Carson City Pottery announces a new class that begins Thursday. Known for his unusual functional teapots, Rich McGregor will share the techniques that go into making them in this 4 week class, which runs on Thursday evenings from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

World of Wedgwood: Potted history served with a lovely cuppa - 07/25/15, via The Daily Express

In 1765 Queen Charlotte commissioned a tea and coffee set and the fashionable crowd called for similar glazed earthenware, which Wedgwood cannily ... from coal – was soon producing black basalt teapots which made their skin look even lighter.


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  3. | Fox Run Earthenware Teapot, 10 cups, White ... Teapot, 10 TeaCup capacity, White Earthenware. Traditional "Brown Betty" style; Elliptical shaped; Hand-applied glaze gives the teapot a glossy appearance. Product ...
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Dictionary : Teapot
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Dragon Teapot 08161001
Dragon Teapot 08161001
Can anyone provide information on this teapot?
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Earthenware teapot decorated with birds and bamboo
Earthenware teapot decorated with birds and bamboo
Earthenware teapot with an electroplated lid, decorated with birds and bamboo in low relief and painted in enamel colours, made by W T Copeland and Sons, Spode Works, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire after 1874. The shape of this teapot is inspired by Japanese metalware following influential exhibitions of Japanese art in Europe in the 1860s; a very similar shape of teapot was introduced by Wedgwood in 1878, under the name Satsuma, and by James Dixon and Sons for electroplated ware in the 1880s. HMCMS:DA1977.56 DPAASQ92
Photo by hantsculturaltrust on Flickr
Earthenware Teapot
Earthenware Teapot
Earthenware teapot √
Earthenware teapot √
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earthenware teapot 15164481
earthenware teapot 15164481
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