Dalek Teapot

Police Box Teapot and Mug Set - Doctor Dr Who Tardis

by Pop Art Products
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  • Features a Doctor Who Tardis Inspired Design
  • High Quality Teapot and Cup Set.
  • Doctor Who Teapot and Cup Set Tardis Police Box Tea Pot for one

Product description

Doctor Who Teapot and Cup Set. Just The Right Size For Tea For One Fully Dishwasher Proof and Microwave Safe. Features a Doctor Who Tardis Inspired Design Measures Approx. 17.4cm x 13.6cm High

Doctor Who Dalek Design Boxed Teapot from BBC Worldwide

by BBC Worldwide
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  • Same Day Despatch
  • Official Merchandise
  • 30 Day No Hassle Returns

Product description

This super cool, official Doctor Who porcelain teapot comes with an angled Dalek graphic against a vibrant orange background, It is presented in a lovely gift box..

BBC Worldwide launches this fabulous new Doctor Who Home collection. The new premium, home-ware range is inspired by one of the country's most loved TV shows. It is graphic, bold and contemporary, inspired by the iconic and instantly recognisable Tardis, Daleks and Cybermen.

This stunning Dalek teapot comes in orange with a graphic, angled image of the exterminating robot.
- Same Day Despatch
- 30 Day No Hassle Returns
- Official Merchandise

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'Doctor Who' TARDIS earrings, Dalek teapot for Mother's Day 03/08/13, via Digital Spy UK

Also available are a Dalek teapot and espresso kit - all available at the BBC Shop. "Mother's Day is a time to celebrate mums from all over the world and a time to treat the mother in your life to breakfast in bed or a special gift inspired by her

Houston Press

Pablo Bronstein Has Fun Opening Up a World of Deceit, Corruption, Beauty and ... 04/28/15, via Houston Press

Yes, the drawings are intricate deceivers in ornate gold frames; the teapots are outlandish gilt-painted tarts; and the walls are covered in the strangest wallpaper around, also meticulously worked Bronstein drawings, though blown up and mechanically 


Akten des 1. Salzburger Kolloquiums über Kindersprache

Akten des 1. Salzburger Kolloquiums über Kindersprache


ISBN 3878089023,9783878089025
395 pages

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Decimate is a quiz show over on BBC in which three friends work to keep up to £20,000 through four rounds, but each incorrect answer could decimate the money. Hosted by Shane Richie, Decimate is actually a game show that is literally it’s name. Incorrect answers take away the prize money by 10%. That’s because all the money is spread among 10 pillars. Each round has 10 3-possible-answer questions, and if you get it incorrect, you lose the visual pillar and the money it had (The first round, all questions are worth £2,000. but if you get 4 wrong, that means £8,000 is lost and the next round will... There is help among the team, before each round begins the ten subjects will be revealed, giving a hint at the question. 1 person will answer the questions while the other 2 step back. When clock ends, that person must answer 10 questions. 5 “Passbacks” and 5 “Overrides”, these 10 helps are all they can use in the first 3 rounds, and it involves having their partners answering instead of the solo player. “Passback” means the person answering passes it to the duo, so they’ll have to answer. “Override” means that if the player answers with something that one of the other duo feels is incorrect, they can override and give the other answer in an attempt to save that pillar. If a team ever gets all 10 wrong, the game is over…. but these are really simple questions that it shouldn’t actually happen. But let’s assume they got 1 right each round (£20,000 became £2,000 became £200 became £20). That money is all-or-nothing, like every other game show in the UK in one final end game. In the endgame, the 10 subjects are revealed and one of the three will be chosen to play. They’ll get two minutes to answer 10 questions about the 10 subjects. If they are wrong, an easier question will be asked. If they get all three questions wrong, they are gone and one of the remaining players will begin where they left off. What I enjoy about Decimate is Shane Richie, he’s pretty eccentric as a host, as evident from “Win Your Wish List” and “Reflex”, but he usually gets formats where he can’t really joke around or pal around as much. He’s someone that does root for the contestants, but doesn’t really get to do much except for read questions and then go “Is it x. ”. The game is pretty straight forward, with 30 questions in the front game, and then it randomly gets chaotic in... The lifelines are very helpful, but I feel there is too many of them in a game. 10 of them mean that one contestant can be completely stupid, pass on 5 questions, and then while guessing on their other 5, get overwritten so the smarter teammate will answer… but maybe that’s the point. The set is nice when you’re seeing a video wall of coins worth some arbitrary value, but aside from that, what you’ll see is blue lights and red lights and a chair and sometimes a guy yells DECIMATE like a Dalek and a CGI coin wall crumbles in a... I like how they go through with the game, and explain the amount still left to play for, and how while it’s a £20,000 top prize, it’s not all hopeless even if it ends up £2,400…. but that end game is really confusing and I’d say is the worst part... I’d much rather have the trio finally team-up and answer 10 final questions. If they are wrong, it’s decimated one final time, and whatever is left is theirs to keep. I really really hate “all or nothing” in game shows, Tipping Point has a guarantee payout, even Countdown has a guaranteed Teapot, but a loss on a game show is a sour-ending to any show. The 20 second “here’s everything you might need to know” is also a little chaotic, because out of 10 subjects that’s roughly 2 seconds a topic. Shane is a great presenter, and the format in the first 3 rounds is pretty good, it might seem strenuous because it’s the same game played over and over, and audiences might not want to bother watching to see if so-and-so could win £1,400 if there... Unless there is characters or if the game is solid. Deal or No Deal’s success was even if the £250,000 was lost, the contestant was a character and his journey to at least winning something good would continue.

Source: Team #Smooch

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8th Annual Texas Teapot Tournament Commences in Style - 01/13/15, via Houston Press

"This ain't your Grandma's teapot." With apologies to the grammar police, I highly recommend visiting 18 Hands Gallery to see ceramic creations that resemble space creatures, leopard-print boots, monkey heads or something straight out of Tim Burton's brain.

21 Gifts for 'Doctor Who' Fans So You Can Wish Them a Happy Christmas This Holiday Season - 12/15/14, via bustle.com

But as an American who loves British culture, the TARDIS teapot is my personal favorite ... For your classy friends, this elegant print of a Dalek in front of Big Ben shows what good taste you have. Of course, Daleks are the Doctor’s number one enemy ...

'Doctor Who' TARDIS earrings, Dalek teapot for Mother's Day - 03/08/13, via Digital Spy

BBC Worldwide has celebrated Mother's Day by offering a range of Doctor Who merchandise. Included in the products are items in the new Doctor Who Harlequin jewellery range, including gold and silver pendants, charms and earrings. Also available are a Dalek ...


  1. Doctor Who: Teapot: Dalek (Orange) @ ForbiddenPlanet.com This beautiful porcelain tea pot features an iconic Dalek. They come in their own unique TARDIS presentation box.
  2. Doctor Who Dalek Teapot - GeekAlerts - Geeky Toys, Gadgets ... Doctor Who Dalek Teapot. December 12, 2012 0 Comments. The English love to have their tea breaks and they also love Doctor Who.
  3. DOCTOR WHO TEAPOT Daleks DAVID TENNANT: Amazon.co.uk ... ASIN: B001KAVOUE: Delivery Destinations: Visit the Delivery Destinations Help page to see where this item can be delivered. Date First Available: 22 Feb. 2010
when the time is right, I shall emerge...
when the time is right, I shall emerge...
Probably at teatime :)
Photo by Johnson Cameraface on Flickr
Oldest surviving Dalek prop from 1963
Oldest surviving Dalek prop from 1963
Photo by ukdavew on Flickr
sneaky Dalek.
sneaky Dalek.
Photo by .melanie on Flickr
Large highlydetailed Dalek Teapot in white and black by jadeflower, $ ...
Large highlydetailed Dalek Teapot in white and black by jadeflower, $ ...
Image by pinterest.com
Dalek teapot
Dalek teapot
Image by www.etsy.com
Image by pinterest.com
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