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Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

by Cuisinart
Price: $77.86 Buy Now

  • 30-minute keep warm; 2-minute memory function; 360-degree swivel power base for cordless convenience
  • 6 preset heat settings for steeping tea at just the right temperature; blue LED indicator lights
  • 1500-watt/110-volts stainless-steel cordless electric kettle with 1-2/3-liter capacity and concealed heating element

Product description

The PerfecTemp for Every Occasion

Equipped with 1500 watts of power for fast heating, this electric kettle brings up to 1-2/3 liters of water to a rolling boil in a matter of minutes. Better than that, it offers six different preset heat settings, which allows for steeping tea at just the right temperature depending on the variety. Using the simple one-touch controls on the kettle's handle, select 160 degrees F for delicate teas, 175 degrees F for green tea, 185 degrees F for white tea, 190 degrees F for oolong tea, 200 degrees F for French press coffee, and "Boil" for black tea or to make instant cocoa, oatmeal, noodles, and more.

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Programmable Kettle

The control panel also offers blue LED indicators, a "start" button, and a "keep warm" button, which will maintain the set temperature for 30 minutes. For added convenience, the kettle's 360-degree swivel base allows for pouring without the hassle of a power cord getting in the way, and its memory function makes it possible to remove the kettle from its base for two minutes without it shutting off or losing its place in the heating process.

Other highlights include a stay-cool nonslip handle, an "open" button for lifting the lid, a blue backlit water window with measurement marks, a concealed heating element to prevent mineral buildup, a removable/washable scale filter, a dripless pour spout, and boil-dry protection with auto shutoff for safety. A user manual with recipes comes included. The kettle measures approximately 8-1/5 by 9-4/5 by 12 inches and carries a three-year limited warranty.

Parts and Benefits

  1. Dripless Pour Spout with Splash Guard
    keeps counters dry

  2. Removable Scale Filter
    for clean water

  3. Easy-Open Lid
    for quick and easy filling

  4. Lid Release Button

  5. Preset Temperature Controls with Indicators

    • Delicate (160°F)
    • Green (175°F)
    • White (185°F)
    • Oolong (190°F)
    • Herbal (200°F)
    • Black (Boil – 212°F)
    • French Press (200°F)
  6. Start (Stop) with Indicator
    to start/stop the heating process

  7. Keep Warm with Indicator
    maintains the selected temperature for 30 minutes

  8. Water Window
    for a clear view of water level

  9. Stay-Cool Handle
    designed for comfort

  10. Power Base with 360° Swivel
    for cordless convenience

Product Overview

  • 1.7-liter capacity
  • 6 preset temperatures
  • One-touch controls with blue LED indicators
  • 30-minute Keep Warm option
  • Memory feature allows kettle to be lifted off base for 2 minutes without shutting off or losing its place in the brewing process
  • 1500 watts for fast heat-up
  • Blue backlit water window
  • 360° swivel cordless connector
  • Stay-cool nonslip handle
  • Concealed heating element to prevent mineral buildup
  • Removable/cleanable scale filter
  • Auto shutoff and boil dry protection
  • Limited 3-year warranty

Special Features

• Memory Feature

The kettle features an internal “memory” that lets you leave the kettle off the base for up to 2 minutes without it going into standby mode. When returned to the base, it will restart the heating and/or Keep Warm cycles right where they left off.

• Keep Warm Mode

Keep Warm is the kettle’s default function that automatically maintains selected temperature for 30 minutes. If you have selected the Boil preset, your unit will hold a temperature just below boiling during the Keep Warm cycle. To bring water back to a rolling boil, press the Start button twice. Keep Warm can be turned off by pressing the Keep Warm button at any time before or during the heating cycle.

• Boil-Dry Protection

Your kettle is equipped with boil-dry protection. If it starts heating without enough water in the unit, the heater will automatically shut off to avoid damaging the heating element. The lights will flash and the unit will beep to alert you. Once the kettle has cooled down, lift it off the base, then replace it to reset and restart the heating cycle. The quickest way to cool down the heater is to fill the kettle with cold water; however, you can also wait for it to cool down by itself.

• Sleep Mode

If the unit is not in use for 5 minutes, it will revert to sleep mode. The heater and all lights will be off, but your last selections will remain in the unit’s memory. To turn the kettle back on, simply press any button, or lift it up and then return it to the base.

Cuisinart DK-17 Cordless Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

by Cuisinart
List price: $62.99 Price: $60.07 Buy Now

  • Easy one-touch operation and extra-large water window
  • 1.7 Liter capacity BPA-free kettle
  • Blue ON indicator; soft-touch handle and lid grip

Product description

Made of classic stainless steel with a graceful stay-cool handle, the Cuisinart BPA-free Cordless Electric Kettle has a conveniently located extra large window, with water level marks, that shows whether water is boiling or kettle needs refilling. With a concealed heating element and easy one-touch operation, the cordless kettle provides fresh-tasting instant hot drinks anywhere, anytime.

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An Oprah Favorite: Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Kettle

Created with the discerning tea drinker in mind, the 1. 7- liter Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle has six preset temperature settings. It has coffee and.


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Cuisinart PerfecTemp PTK-330W Cook Ware - Kettle - Porcelain

Home & Outdoor

Enjoy the aromas, body and overall character of teas like never before with the PerfecTemp 3-quart Teakettle from Cuisinart! Tea is at its best when brewed at the proper temperature, and the built-in precision temperature gauge provides the exact water temperature to brew every variety of tea properly. The perfect cup of tea not only delivers optimum flavor, it is also brimming with benefits! Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, a great tasting cup of tea at its fullest flavor is good for you!


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Cuisinart "PerfecTemp" Cordless Electric Kettle
Cuisinart "PerfecTemp" Cordless Electric Kettle
Cuisinart Electric Cordless Kettle - PerfecTemp
Cuisinart Electric Cordless Kettle - PerfecTemp
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