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Le Creuset Stoneware 22-Ounce Teapot with Infuser, White

by Le Creuset of America
Price: $41.95 Buy Now

  • Includes infuser insert that rests inside for perfectly steeped loose-leaf tea
  • Measures approximately 7.6 IN 5.0 IN 4.5 IN
  • Non-porous enamel finish; resists odors, staining, chipping, and cracking

Product description

22 0z. Teapot with infuser brews the perfect cup of tea.

Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Zen 1-2/3-Quart Teakettle, Palm

by Le Creuset
Price: $79.95 Buy Now

  • Safe for use on all heat sources, including induction; hand wash only
  • Removable round-shaped lid with stay-cool phenolic lid knob
  • Heat-resistant, ergonomic, loop handle ensures a secure grip

Product description

As part of Le Creuset's Enamel-on-Steel collection, the superiorly crafted kettle features heavy-gauge steel construction for fast heating and even heat distribution, along with a hard, glossy enamel glaze for both durability and eye-catching beauty on the stovetop. The kettle's heat-resistant, ergonomic handle locks into place for easy lifting and pouring, ensures a secure grip and keeps hands a safe distance from the steam. The loop-style handle comes securely attached to the kettle with stainless-steel brackets for added peace of mind. To refill the kettle, simply remove its round-shaped lid by pulling up on the stay-cool lid knob. The kettle can be safely used on all heat sources, including induction and should be hand washed only with hot soapy water and dried thoroughly.

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Why I Enrolled in Preschool at Age 33 03/04/15, via (blog)

I briefly considered my new turquoise Le Creuset teapot (which I am seriously excited about) but thought it might just send the message that my life is so boring that I get a thrill out of heating water for tea. As I traveled to preschool, I felt a bit

The 10 Best teapots 07/18/13, via The Independent

Le Creuset Grand Teapot. As with most things made by Le Creuset, this teapot will probably last you a lifetime. There's an anti-drip spout, scratch-resistant surface and an easy-to-use handle for effortless pouring. The shape means it can double up as

Le Creuset Tea Kettle Review - Enamel Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

Welcome to our Le Creuset Tea Kettle Review. The featured product today is the Le Creuset Whistling Enamel Steel Tea Kettle which comes in a variety of.


Cooking with Green Tea

Cooking with Green Tea

Published by Penguin 2015

ISBN 1583330658,9781583330654
194 pages

The author of "Fat-Free Chinese Cooking" shows how to capture the healthy benefits of green tea with this collection of 50 tasty recipes.

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Today's Activities Include: Yet Another Teapot, other shopping, AC left off oops

I broke the lid of my purple Le Creuset teapot. So I ordered a replacement, noticing as I did that I ordered the other one almost exactly 2 years ago (like, to the first week of August) -- after I broke the lid of the previous teapot. I have real issues with August. I used to absolutely _hate_ August, but since I married my husband in August and had my son in August, it seems wrong to say I Hate August. Speaking of which, we turned the AC off over night because it went down to the mid 60s. Then we decided not to turn it on on the 3rd floor -- and I forgot to turn it on on the second floor (or I tried and failed -- very possible. forgot to turn it on on the ground floor, so when I returned from going clothes shopping, it was 77 in the house. So I turned it down. Come on, I got solar panels so I could be comfortable and mostly guilt free, without resorting to getting a job so my employer would air condition me. The other shopping involved a trip to Burlington, the closest place with both a Kohl's and a... I _used_ to go to Kohl's before book group, and before dinner at You You's, but T. has been coming with me the last few months and there isn't really anything at You You's that he likes, so we've been going other places (Red Arrow, Johnson's Dairy... And I haven't bought any new clothes for a while. Crappy looking clothes that are starting to lose buttons, develop holes in the seams and generally look like they've been through the wash dozens of times (because they have) are fine if you never leave the house, but I need to look presentable... Once the clothes were in the house, they had to be debagged, detagged, run through the wash, put away, and a bunch of stuff from the closet and dresser had to go into the new bags to go out to the Middle Class Guilt Reduction Station to make space...

Source: Transplanting a Seattleite

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12 Apostles to host exclusive ‘Cuppa for CANSA’ Pink High Tea fundraising event - 09/10/15, via Media Update

Priced at R225 per person, which includes an entry into a Le Creuset competition to win a pink Chiffon Tea Pot, R10 of each tea stand sold will be donated to CANSA. The Twelve Apostles Hotel Pink High Tea will be served daily in The Leopard Bar ...

Stainless Steel Hammered Teakettle With Wooden Handle - 02/20/15, via

While this item has a beautiful exterior, there were a number of issues with this item. First, every time I pour water from the spout, a ton of little black particles from the interior of the spout come loose into the cup. After cleaning it multiple times ...

Good brews: 5 top teapots - 05/02/14, via The Vancouver Sun

Oh la la … With its distinctive blue (Marseille) and yellow (Soleil) hues, it’s obvious these stoneware teapots are part of the Le Creuset family. They come with stainless-steel infusers, a protective finish designed to prevent chipping and interior ...


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Why, I do believe it's a teapot.
Why, I do believe it's a teapot.
Hauled the teapot out of the cupboard after a spate of ignoring it. Today's a perfect day for a pot of mint tea.
Photo by Krista76 on Flickr
Thrifting eventually pays off
Thrifting eventually pays off
I've managed to acquire a relatively complete set of Flame color Le Creuset pans in the last 3 years. (And a red stock pot, and a big oval red Dutch oven by another brand which *looks* like a Le Creuset... not pictured here.) I've got three saucepans of different sizes, a Dutch (or as LC calls it, French) oven, and an omelet pan. Total cost? Well, I didn't keep track, but I know no item was more than $15. Most were way less. However, some of them are closer to new than others. Two of the vintage saucepans had essentially new interiors, as does the omelet pan. One of the pans had a badly damaged handle I replaced. The small Dutch oven has had the interior worn to bare iron -- which isn't really a long-term problem. I'm seasoning it like any iron pan. Most of the pans *looked* pretty grungy in the thrift store, which is why they were cheap. But grunge cleans off. Thank you to all the folks who didn't want to bother cleaning their gorgeous orange kitchenware, and gave it to...
Photo by litlnemo on Flickr
Mme Ail & Mlle Miel
Mme Ail & Mlle Miel
My new cooking companions.
Photo by lynn.gardner on Flickr
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Le Creuset Classic Teapot - Marseille
Le Creuset Classic Teapot - Marseille
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