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Home tea China Yixing Purple Clay Teapot Zisha teapot 200cc

by Home tea
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  • Classical colour and lustre is bright, lovely, beautiful shape
  • 200cc in capacity,12*8cm in size
  • Has the collection value,or as a gift to send to elders

Product description

China Yixing Purple Clay Teapot
Origin: Yixing China
craftsmanship:Celebrity handmade
Package:1*teapot in a box

XDOBO Chinese Tea Pot, Retro Dragon Pattern Half-handmade Top Grade Purple Clay Teapot – 380ml/ 13oz Capacity

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  • Natural Untreated Purple Clay and Handcraft Can Reserve Most of The Tea Flavor
  • Show Piece of Traditional Chinese Craftsmanship - Brings Effortless Elegance and Beauty to Your Kitchen and Living Room
  • Material: Half-handmade Quality Purple Clay

Product description

It's Tea Time!
Tea is served to enhance a good meal or conclude a festive gathering in a spirit of sharing. Offer your guests the opportunity to share in this tradition with this authentic Japanese tea set.

The Benefit of Drinking Chinese Kungfu Tea:
*Often drinking tea can help fresh you from daily fatigue, and enhance your memory than ever.
* Tea is calorie-free. Drinking tea can also help decompose the fat; people who love drinking tea all look slimmer than the others.
*Drinking tea can calm yourself down and slow you down from aging.
*Tea helps keep you hydrated.
*Tea gives healthier teeth and gums.

The Characteristic of Purple Clay Teapot
*Purple pottery is refined from natural sand, it can reserve most of the tea flavor and doesn't have the flavor of the soup.
*Sand made teapot can absorb the juice of the tea, you can smell the aroma of the tea even if you don't put any tea in the teapot after a few days using.
*Purple clay teapot can suffer from super cooled condition, it will not deform or broken after pouring boiling water.

The Features of the XDOBO Chinese Purple Clay Teapot:
- It suitable for brewing black tea, green tea, scented tea, pu-er tea and other daily consumption and entertain at home.
- Easy to use, convenient, great choice for home use, travelling and gifting.
- A great teapot as well as an impressive crafted home decoration.
- Approx capacity: 13oz
- Size: 7.08''L X 3.94''H
- Package Included: Teapot X 1; Tea Accessory X 1

Before you drinking the first time, clean up the stains in the teapot using pure water, and wipe the teapot with a clean cloth, and waiting to dry naturally. Then put it into clean water and let it boil for 5-10 minutes.
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