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Teapot Cutting Dies Stencil Cup Metal Template DIY Paper Card Tool 1 Pc

by She-Buy
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  • Size app: 6.3x3.8cm
  • Great must-have set, item works with virtually any die-cutting machine that will accommodate wafer-thin dies and are sure to become an essential ingredient in your paper crafting process.
  • Item can be used for ornament project, there is nothing better than a crisply cut, perfect shape. Cutting Dies "punch" or cut shapes from a variety of materials including paper, cardstock, chipboard, specialty paper and more!

Product description

If you are a scrapper or card maker, you need this in all shapes. This is so handy.

Item can be used for ornament project, there is nothing better than a crisply cut, perfect shape. Cutting Dies "punch" or cut shapes from a variety of materials including paper, cardstock, chipboard, specialty paper and more!

Great must-have set, item works with virtually any die-cutting machine that will accommodate wafer-thin dies and are sure to become an essential ingredient in your paper crafting process.

Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality
Quantity: 1 pc
Material: carbon steel

1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
2. Please allow 0.5-1cm differences due to manual measurement.
3. Thank you for your kindly understanding.

Flying Teapot

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Product description

1973's Flying Teapot is a Gong milestone. It's the first installment in their legendary "Radio Gnome Trilogy" and a transitional point between the underground psychedelia of Camembert Electrique and the artier, more ethereal sound they later developed. Teapot is more visceral, less cerebral than it's successors, and the catchy ensemble riffs of Camembert are still present. The arrival of virtuoso guitarist Steve Hillage and synth wizard Tim Blake represented a great leap forward, though. Blake concentrated exclusively on ambient electronic effects and soundscapes a la early Hawkind, leaving harmonic development to the other band members. Hillage's fleet-fingered jazz-rock solos and arsenal of effects upped the musicianship a notch and reinforced the spacy jazz elements already in place. Whether you're able to follow the willfully confusing storyline or not, the elaborate mythological world created by Daevid Allen is loads of fun when wrapped around music as inspired as this psychedelic art-jazz-space rock amalgam. The key players are a group of gnomes from another planet who arrive in a flying teapot (stoner imagery plays heavily in hippie Allen's vision) to save the world (or something). Actually, some surprisingly intellectual/philosophical messages were contained in the trilogy, leavened heartily by the irrepressible Allen's healthy sense of humor. Charly. 2004.

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The Guardian (blog)

Anthony Martial : Manchester United gamble shows profit in futures market 09/01/15, via The Guardian (blog)

The untested part may raise some eyebrows as it is clear that United need a goal source now, and for half the reported price could possibly pick up someone from the domestic market, who is highly likely to do a decent job and get eight to 10 goals a

Racing Post

Toller set to quit training ranks at end of the season 09/01/15, via Racing Post

"With so much going on at the weekends now, with six meetings on Fridays and Saturdays, logistically it's become very difficult with not many horses and not many staff to get horses to the races you want to run in. In the past some of those races would

92. Throwing / Making a Flat Porcelain Teapot #3 with Hsin-Chuen Lin

To buy my work, please visit my Etsy shop: http://www. For more info about me, please visit my website "www.


The Teapot Dome Scandal

The Teapot Dome Scandal

Published by Random House 2008

ISBN 9781588367662,1588367665
351 pages

Mix hundreds of millions of dollars in petroleum reserves; rapacious oil barons and crooked politicians; under-the-table payoffs; murder, suicide, and blackmail; White House cronyism; and the excesses of the Jazz Age. The result: the granddaddy of all American political scandals, Teapot Dome. In The Teapot Dome Scandal, acclaimed author Laton McCartney tells the amazing, complex, and at times ribald story of how Big Oil handpicked Warren G. Harding, an obscure Ohio senator, to serve as our twenty-third president. Harding and his so-called “oil cabinet” made it possible for the oilmen to secure vast oil reserves that had been set aside for use by the U.S. Navy. In exchange, the oilmen paid off senior government officials, bribed newspaper publishers, and covered the GOP campaign debt....

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Oxfam improving access to safe water in Syria

Razan is a 30-year-old accountant lives with her mother in the Syrian city of Salamiyah. Racha Chamoun, Oxfam Public Health Promotion Officer in Syria, reports on how Oxfam is working to improve access to water for people like her. "My life is based around the need to get water. Sometimes I skip work or stay up all night, turning the domestic water pump on and off, just waiting for water to come out of the tap. Before the war, Razan took a bath whenever she wanted, but now with the water shortage Razan takes a bath only once a week. Twice weekly, she washes her short hair using water heated in a small teapot. The rinsing water will be used to flush the toilet later. Likewise the laundry water is collected from the washing machine's drainage pipe after a spin and stored in buckets for house cleaning. "I've become obsessed with getting enough water,' says Razan. Before the war the population of Salamiyah in Hama governorate was 150,000 people. Now it has swelled to three times the size as displaced people from Homs and Hama suburbs have moved in, placing more stress on water resources. Apart from a few local boreholes, 400 meters underground containing undrinkable sulphurous water, the nearest water source is 80 kilometers (50 miles) away on the Syrian-Lebanese border and it's partially damaged due to the conflict. Pumping the water from so far away during war is risky, and electricity power cuts mean the pumping system often does not work. In 2010, water reached houses in Salamiyah every three days at midnight for three hours. These days, the taps only come on once every 10 days. The city's small gardens, once filled by householders with flowers, fruits and vegetables have turned barren as inhabitants keep the small amount of water for personal use. Like others, Razan is suffering from the financial burden of having to buy water from trucks in an unstable market with inflated prices. One thousand litres used to cost 400 Syrian pounds ($2. 11). The same amount is now 1,200 Syrian pounds ($6. 25) and will only supply a family for few days. Oxfam water engineer, Syria. Photo: Oxfam. Finally, Oxfam in consultation with the Water Establishment in Hama and the community in Salamiyah, realised the only solution was to treat the water in the local boreholes to make it drinkable by removing the sulphur, a process requiring... This is what Oxfam committed to providing with a water treatment plant using a reverse osmosis system. But at the begining of June, safe water from the plant reached the people of Salamiyah for the first time, benefiting an estimated 35,000 residents. The reverse osmosis system successfully removes the sulphur, its bad smell, and solids from the water. It produces 50,000 liters of water an hour and is connected to the city's water mains. The plant was built and is operated by Syrian engineers and technicians, supported by local contractors and the Water Establishment in Hama. And while the war continues in Syria, the electricity supply remains erratic and water scarce due to the large number of people living in the city, at least Razan, and others like her, have better access to a clean and reliable water source. Oxfam water engineers, Syria. Photo: Oxfam. Oxfam has been working with Syria's Ministry of Water Resources for the past 18 months by drilling wells, repairing old and damaged water networks and trucking water. We have managed to reach more than one million people with clean water, and we are trying to double the number. This entry posted by Racha Chamoun, Oxfam Public Health Promotion Officer in Syria, on 27 August 2015. Originally posted by OxfamGB.

Source: ReliefWeb (dba Shopping)
Primula PTA-3940 Tea Pot - Teapot

Home & Outdoor

The 40 oz Primula Tea Pot is perfect for making a pot of tea using the included glass infuser. Simply add loose tea in the infuser and pour through hot water. Removing the infuser is the ideal way to watch our flowering teas in bloom and make tea.

$25.00 (dba Shopping)
Farberware Classic Cookware - 2.5 quart Teapot, Lid - Stainless Steel - Dishwasher Safe

Home & Outdoor

The classic, trusted quality of Farberware pairs nicely with this durable stainless steel teakettle. It provides timeless beauty when accessorizing your kitchen. Gelatin, hot chocolate, or a cup of soup - the uses for a teakettle don't stop at tea.


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Chinese slowdown puts lid on surging oil prices - 09/01/15, via The Australian

China’s oil imports were expected to maintain rapid growth into 2016, driven by strong stockpiling for its emergency reserves and the lifting of import restrictions for its so-called “teapot” refineries ... investors scrambled to buy oil to stem ...

Toller set to quit training at end of the season - 09/01/15, via Racing Post

Teapot Row was one of a number of star performers who shone ... to maintain their band of owners given the economic climate in racing. It's very expensive to buy a horse, very expensive to train it - and the return isn't great, unless you get lucky."

Master potters and their ways with clay - 08/31/15, via Stuff

"Some people might sit down with them, but not in a religious way. The owners of my teapots have got over the problems of what it is. I think they buy these object for the object's sake but they still buy them with the idea of the teapot. People have ...


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I'm a Little Teapot
I'm a Little Teapot
My brother-in-law bought this teapot for my sister at a Bombay Company store.
Photo by Maia C on Flickr
Bought for Liz from Scope on London Road, Croydon. It's plain white, not tinted — ideally I'd have used a black sheet for backdrop, but burgundy was what I had on hand.
Photo by Kake . on Flickr
tin teapot
tin teapot
This is a teapot I bought at a yard sale.I really like how it looks, so I drew it in Inkscape. I tried using a wood pattern for the knob and a scratchy pattern for the scratches in the tin from
Photo by Cookieater2009 on Flickr
How to Buy a Vintage Teapot
How to Buy a Vintage Teapot
buy a small sweet teapot for the table..
buy a small sweet teapot for the table..
Image by
How to Buy a Solid Silver Teapot Set on eBay
How to Buy a Solid Silver Teapot Set on eBay
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