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Arthur Wood & Son -6426 - Rose and Vines Teapot

by Arthur Wood & Son
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Staffordshire England

Sotya Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Pot Kettle Peony Flower Pattern,1.3 L

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  • 【CAST IRON TEAPOT】Apart from a good warmth retention property,also has a beautiful color and appearance, it is a good household goods and decorations.
  • 【ABOUT THE PATTERNS 】: Its design inspiration comes from the Fuji design in Mt Fuji, Japan, which is also called Fuji type in Japan This elegant iron kettle has a relatively round body with Peony.The peony symbolizes wealth and prosperity.The difference in texture between the Peony is carefully expressed in three-dimension.
  • 【BRAND】Sotya is devoted to customer service, our products are strictly in accordance with the standards, the use of good raw materials production, high-end technology, each product has its own unique.

Product description

1. The use of Sotya iron pot boiled water containing divalent iron ions, so there will be spring water effect, which can effectively enhance the taste, very suitable for brewing all kinds of tea.
2.Not only can boil, also can continue to heat, the functional scope is wider, can be specially used to flush scented tea and fruit Tea,black tea, used to cook a variety of teas is also a good choice, because through the cast iron pot of boiling, can effectively remove the smell of tea, improve taste.

1.Improve Water Quality: make the water more soft, sweet, which can also improve the taste of tea.
2.Good Health: iron teapot in the heating process will continue to release Fe2+, easy to be absorbed by the body, you can supplement the body needs, so as to effectively prevent anemia.

1.So the tea contained in the tannin and iron pot dissolved in the iron, will be formed in the iron pot surface layer of tannin iron film, at the same time can remove the smell of the new pot. Boil the pot after the water drained, repeat 2-3 times until the water can be clear.
2.Daily use, please do not fill up, lest overflow after boiling. Iron pot used for about 5 days, the wall will appear scarlet spots, 10 days or so there will be white scale. This is a normal phenomenon, as long as the water is not cloudy does not affect the drink.
3.After each use, open a small fire in the pot of water to fully evaporate, and then dry with a soft cloth dry, keep the pot dry, do not the remaining water overnight. Prevents the iron pot from rusting, affects the service life.

In fact, iron pot rust needn't worry too much. Because iron pot rust does not harm people's health, it will only affect the taste of tea or water.
Add green tea to boil water for about 30 minutes or longer and repeat 2-3 times.

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The New Yorker

Pleasures of the Literary Meal 07/15/15, via The New Yorker

(I should note here that Hardyment is British.) We see Agnes, Lady Jekyll, a grand English cookery writer of the nineteen-twenties, relishing a “fragrant infusion” of tea in a cup of “thinnest china,” sitting on “a sofa cushioned with Asiatic charm

Hebdenbridge Today

Calderdale food establishments scoring four stars in hygiene inspections 07/17/15, via Hebdenbridge Today

Inspections conducted over the past year show that 165 establishments across the borough received two stars or less - with 17 businesses scoring zero stars. Below are the food establishments in Calderdale rated four stars - what did your favourite score?


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Collectible Teapots

Collectible Teapots

Published by Antique Trader Books 1999

ISBN 1582210187,9781582210186
208 pages

Features nearly 2,000 price listings for collectible teapots, along with historical backgrounds, nation-by-nation explanations of style, pattern and composition, collector's guidelines, manufacturer's marks, and more.

Pleasures of the Literary Meal - The New Yorker - The New Yorker

One of the rudest things you can do, food-wise, is to stare at someone in the act of eating. It draws attention to the unseemly fact that eating is a bodily function—like animals, we are trapped by our hungers, but we do our best to disguise them with such civilized props as menus and forks. When someone watches us eating, we feel exposed. We might also harbor a suspicion that the person staring wants to steal food from our plate. In 1530, Erasmus of Rotterdam noted that it was “bad manners to let your eyes roam around observing what each person is eating. Last year, there was outrage over a Facebook group entitled “Women Who Eat on Tubes,” which collected photographs of unsuspecting women eating on London subway trains. And yet we have a deep yearning to watch others eat. Part of the appeal, of course, is the food-porn factor: to see Anthony Bourdain nibbling seafood risotto in Venice on “No Reservations” distracts us from the sorry carton of reheated pad thai on our own plate. Consider the “eating broadcasts,” now popular in South Korea, which depict people enjoying solitary meals. Such videos liberate us to stare all we like, without feeling rude. And, now that so many of us eat alone, to watch others doing it also takes away the sting of loneliness. Writing on this site about the phenomenon of eating alone in China , where one video of a young woman eating a picnic in Shanghai has been viewed around a quarter of a million times, Jiayang Fan wrote, “Sometimes, a strawberry waffle is all the... There are times, however, when watching is not enough—when we hunger to know what the eater feels about the strawberry waffle as it enters her gullet. Our desire to observe others eating, from the inside, is a large part of the appeal of reading about food in literature, as I was reminded by a splendid new collection edited by Christina Hardyment, “Pleasures of the Table: A Literary Anthology,”... Yet the collection as a whole reads like a fresh treat, thanks to Hardyment’s keen eye for pleasures of many kinds. Sometimes the buzz of reading about others eating comes from the voyeuristic thrill of seeing how the other half lives: the gold leaf and truffles or – in the case of Trimalchio’s feast in Petronius’ ”Satyricon”—the dormice and honey. It’s like watching lavish dishes circulate to other tables in a restaurant, or nosily looking in someone else’s refrigerator or shopping basket. At one of Jay Gatsby’s legendary parties, included in Hardyment’s collection , we get a glimpse of glamorous “men and girls” consuming “spiced baked hams crowded against salads of harlequin designs,” and “cordials so long forgotten that most of... In “The Accomplisht Cook,” the most significant English cookbook of the seventeenth century, the royalist cook Robert May describes seeing ladies “skip and shriek” at a pie containing live frogs. But we also enjoy contemplating what others consume when it is close to what we eat and drink ourselves. Years ago, during a John Grisham phase, I tried to pinpoint exactly why I found Grisham’s often predictable legal thrillers quite so comforting. The best answer I could come up with was the frequency with which Grisham tells us that his lead characters are sipping coffee. When it comes to food and drink, predictability can console. The same is true of reading about it. “At five Wednesday morning, Jake sipped coffee in his office and stared through the French doors,” Grisham writes in a typical passage in “A Time to Kill. ” For those of us who also punctuate our days with coffee, this banal detail is flattering: Grisham makes the sipping of coffee—note, never gulping or swigging—seem like a purposeful prelude to action. Or maybe we get a kick from snooping on the meals of others precisely because eating and drinking are such intimate acts. To read “Jake sipped coffee” is to mirror back to ourselves the private enjoyment we feel in our own daily mug of French press. In Hardyment’s collection, it is the private joy of tea that occurs more.


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Government sells scandalized Teapot Dome oilfield for $45M - 01/30/15, via Daily Mail

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A private company finally will be able to drill legally for oil at Teapot Dome, a remote Wyoming oilfield that remains best known for a political scandal that embroiled the administration of President Warren G. Harding in the early ...

Empire Revival Chest is Made of Circassian Walnut - 08/10/10, via Oklahoma News

What can you tell me about the history and value of my teapot? A: Arthur Wood and Sons Ltd. made your teapot. They have produced earthenware in Staffordshire, England, since 1904. "Winston" is the name of the pattern.

Chest of drawers made of walnut - 08/09/10, via Oklahoma News

... you tell me about the history and value of my teapot? A: Arthur Wood and Sons Ltd. made your teapot. It has produced earthenware in Staffordshire, England, since 1904. Winston is the name of the pattern. Your teapot would probably be worth $25 to $50.


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Arthur Wood Teapots
Arthur Wood Teapots
Arthur Wood, Betty Teapots, Brown Betty, Teapots Addict, Wood Brown
Arthur Wood, Betty Teapots, Brown Betty, Teapots Addict, Wood Brown
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