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Product Description: This gorgeous Aladdin teapot trinket box makes a great gift! This collectible item is meticulously crafted from fine pewter, is hand enameled and then lavishly inlaid with crystals by skilled artisans -24K gilt -100% brand new -The package box measures around 3"L*2.25"W*2.25"H -Opens on a hinge and has a magnetic closure to keep the box shut securely -It's accented with crystals. -Comes in an elegant purple satin lined gift box with each item. -Artful gifts for party or any occasions!!

Hall Vintage Tea Pot Aladdin Style 6 Cup Ceramic Light Blue With Diffuser #06.6.9R

by Hall
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  • Made In U.S.A.
  • #06.6.9R
  • Vintage 3 Pc. Tea Pot Aladdin Style 6 Cup Ceramic Light Blue With Diffuser

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This nice 6 cup tea pot is light blue with gold pin stripping. It is Aladdin/genie bottle style. It has a diffuser and vented cover. Made in U.S.A. It's 10.75" long, 5" wide and 7" tall with lid and diffuser. Very nice vintage piece!

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Villains' kids fun to watch in Victoria-shot Disney's Descendants 07/31/15, via Times Colonist

They're the children of Snow White's Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations and Aladdin's evil sorcerer Jafar, played to hammy perfection by Kathy Najimy, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Maz Jobrani. The teenaged offspring of Disney's most notorious

The Guardian

Back for the future: rating Disney's slate of live-action fantasy remakes 07/23/15, via The Guardian

version will retain the 1991 film's famous songs, including the Oscar-winning title ditty, though we're assuming cast member Emma Thompson will be playing a human version of housekeeper Mrs Potts rather than the earlier film's mumsy animated teapot

Bo Burnham - "I'm Bo Yo" Super Extended - Aladdin Theater - 10/16/2009 *EXPLICIT* w/Lyrics

Bo gives us some fun snippets of other songs and then launches into his 11th song "I'm Bo Yo" which turns out to be a super long and crazy extended version.


Antique Trader Pottery and Porcelain Ceramics Price Guide

Antique Trader Pottery and Porcelain Ceramics Price Guide

Published by Krause Publications 2006

ISBN 9780896894181,0896894185
768 pages

More than thirteen thousand listings of current values and detailed descriptions of pottery and porcelain ceramics, as well as historical details, collecting tips, and color photographs that are useful in identifying rare pieces, are offered in this guide. Original.

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Back for the future: rating Disney's slate of live-action fantasy remakes - The Guardian

It took the studio’s 2006 purchase of rival Pixar and the subsequent installation of Toy Story creator John Lasseter as head of both companies’ animation teams to reinvigorate the mouse house. So you might wonder quite why Disney is now planning a ream of live-action fantasy reworkings of its animated back catalogue, set to roll out over the next decade after the success of 2010’s Tim Burton remake Alice in Wonderland. At least 10 films are reportedly at some stage of development, representing a slate just as ambitious in its own way as either of the two “cinematic universes” currently being imagined by the studio’s wholly owned divisions Marvel Studios and... Alice in Wonderland pulled in more than $1bn. Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella comfortably passed $500m earlier this year , and Maleficent scored a whopping $758m worldwide. Yet, despite reasonable reviews for Alice and Cinderella, few would suggest that the above movies will ever be considered classics. So what can the studio do to make sure its upcoming slate stands up to its animated forebears. Alice Through the Looking Glass Riffing off: Alice in Wonderland (1951). State of play: Coming in 2016 with Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway all set to return as Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen and White... Sacha Baron Cohen will play the main villain, Time, and Rhys Ifans plays the Mad Hatter’s father. Twist on original: Burton’s Alice in Wonderland imagined a 19-year-old Alice returning to a Carrollian underworld she has forgotten since her adventures there as a child. Chances of classic status: 7/10. Bobin is a classy director, but Burton plundered aspects of both Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and its literary sequel Through the Looking Glass (including the celebrated 19th-century English author’s... Beauty and the Beast Riffing off: Disney’s Oscar-winning 1991 animation. State of play: Due for release in 2017 with Dreamgirls’ Bill Condon directing, Harry Potter’s Emma Watson as Belle and Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens as the Beast. Reports suggest the new version will retain the 1991 film’s famous songs, including the Oscar-winning title ditty, though we’re assuming cast member Emma Thompson will be playing a human version of housekeeper Mrs Potts rather than the earlier... Chances of classic status: 6/10. Expect a cosy and fairly straight remake, a la Cinderella. Dumbo Riffing off: Disney’s 1941 animated classic. State of play: In development with Tim Burton reportedly signed on to direct. Twist on original: Reports suggest a “unique family story” will parallel the cute big-eared elephant’s journey from laughing stock to soaring spectacle of the circus ring. Chances of classic status: 7/10. Burton has the chops, and a genuine fondness for circus themes as seen in films such as Batman Returns (the Red Triangle Circus Gang) and Big Fish (the Calloway Circus). But this looks like one of those big Hollywood movies which the veteran cult film-maker is obliged to make these days if he wants to keep getting the greenbacks for more offbeat and intriguing fare such as Frankenweenie and last year’s Big Eyes. Genies Riffing off: Aladdin (1992). State of play: In development. Twist on original: Instead of focusing on the original’s amorous Middle Eastern rapscallion, the new film will centre on the magical spirit which granted Aladdin his vaunted three wishes, detailing exactly how the great blue lunk got in the lamp... Chances of classic status: 6/10. Without Robin Williams to add zing to proceedings, Disney is going to have a tough time making its magic carpet fly this time around. While there’s plenty of exotic colour in the original One Thousand and One Nights folk tale, it’s hard to see how the genie himself is.


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Villains’ kids fun to watch in Victoria-shot Disney’s Descendants - 07/31/15, via Times Colonist

They’re the children of Snow White’s Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations and Aladdin’s evil sorcerer Jafar ... “It was either you or the teapot” when Belle expresses her love. Some of the one-liners in the snappy screenplay by Josie ...

Strong Sales for Broadway’s ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Beautiful’ - 07/28/14, via The New York Times

They may have lost the 2014 Tony Award for best musical last month, but Broadway’s “Aladdin” and “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” have emerged as the biggest box office winners of the 2013-14 season. Disney’s “Aladdin” has consistently ...

What's it worth?: Round-top trunk, Asian betel box, metal teapot, Henry Miller prints, street lamp - 01/30/14, via OregonLive

The bottom of this teapot reads “James Dixon and sons 8858 ... such as oil or electric; and by maker, such as Aladdin or Tiffany. Collectors who are interested in outdoor lights are most often looking for the big, ornate pieces with large glass ...


  1. Мы хотели бы показать здесь описание, но сайт, который вы просматриваете, этого не позволяет.
  2. Aladdin Teapot - Contemporary - Teapots - by Bauer Pottery ... Genie, I don't need three wishes. Just this retro-fun teapot from Bauer and I'm all set. Dimensions: 5 1/4" h x 12 long. Available in 15 colors.
  3. aladdin teapot on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage ... Vintage Califoria Pottery Dark Blue Aladdin Style Teapot - Dusky Cobalt Swirl Pattern Teapot - 1950s Cobalt Blue Teapot - Retro, MCM Teapot
Aladdin's Cave
Aladdin's Cave
Photo by Phil W Shirley on Flickr
Better than a bag
Better than a bag
I recommend a visit to the Bowes Museum Barnard Castle, County Durham, England
Photo by floato on Flickr
Bodum Aladdin teapot
Bodum Aladdin teapot
This teapot that I got as a present from my husband in 2004 is made by Bodum and looks like Aladdin's magic lamp. It's made from metal which makes is very impractical - but it's certainly unique and it will make a good show piece. Size: 6 cups Pros: - Beautiful - Good show piece Cons: - Made of metal - Impractical - Metal strainer - Strainer very difficult to remove when hot - Big Overall score: 2 out of 5
Photo by dejahthoris on Flickr
Hall China Wildfire Aladdin Teapot
Hall China Wildfire Aladdin Teapot
Image by
Aladdin Teapot in Bauer Orange
Aladdin Teapot in Bauer Orange
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  • putnik272727 Blue teapot reminds me of Aladdin's lamp. Ceramics Today - Steve Irvine
  • TammyDrummonds DARK GREEN TEAPOT ALADDIN STYLE WITH GOLD TONE ACCENT RED POTTERY 2- cup 50's+ via @eBay #UpgradeYourWorld
  • ellaburrettx Is the magic lamp from Aladdin a teapot??????????

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