Teapot Dogs

If it's not in the Yellow Pages. then it can probably be found in Terry Trucco's Where to Find It. Fully updated, this collection from Terry Trucco's popular New York Times column shows you how to locate hard to find, but often invaluable, goods and services throughout the country. The author has uncovered superbly skilled craftspeople who can repair, resuscitate or replace anything, from a broken zipper on a sleeping bag to an antique teapot's shattered spout. You'll also find out how to contact highly creative artists who can solve the most pressing - and most unusual - of household problems. Organized alphabetically by subject, this book provides all the information you need if you want to find someone who can: build a custom-made bed for your dog; regrind a damaged binocular lens; clean, restore and repair an antique clock, an heirloom quilt or a cherished piece of jewelry; paint a stunning ceiling or make an ordinary wood floor look like marble; locate discontinued china, flatware or glass patterns; and sharpen a knife, alter a wedding dress or childproof a home. In an era of mass production and diminishing craftsmanship, it's getting harder to find those who deal in off-the-beaten-track goods and services, Terry Trucco's Where to Find It tells you where they are and how to contact them. Informative, fascinating and fun, it's the essential guide to the people and businesses who make, fix and sell just about everything.