Dripless Teapot

Beautiful, Modern Daze Ceramic Teapot with an Extra-Fine Stainless Steal InfuserBasket Lid. DRIP-LESS SPOUT; LEAD-FREE, BPA FREE, PLASTIC FREE, HIGH-FIRED CERAMIC. Dishwasher-safe. #1 Best Teapot to make A perfect Cup of Tea. H12cm; Capacity: 700-720ml. Beautiful Modern Daze Ceramic Teapot with Extra-Fine Stainless Steal Strainer Lid. . This DAZE Ceramic teapot complete with an extra-fine stainless-steel infuserbasket and permanently attached hinged lid for easy use. The extra-fine infuser is perfect to steep loose-leaf teas such as fine cut Rooibos tea to large whole-leaf teas like Oolong tea or White tea.